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How to Request the Removal of a Review

Video Transcription
By Jon Hoch
President of Power Equipment Direct
Howdy manufacturers! Jon Hoch, founder of Power Equipment Direct, here to talk about what happens when you have those customers that just had a little too much of this stuff, and they start telling you what they really think about your product.

Yeah, those kind of customers. We get those reviews that come in on occasion, and we laugh at them a lot of the time. But occasionally, we've got to make decisions whether or not we want to post that review or not.

Let me give you an example of a review that we got in, and how you should handle it and how we should work together to make sure that these reviews are taken care of appropriately.

Here's an example of a brand new Toro product, that we recommend by the way, and we've gotten good reviews. And then we got a gentleman, Mark, who's posted a video, and it talks about "Buyer Beware," and it says basically that the video below "is not mine," but the experience is.

It's not even his video. And by the way, the review was submitted for a new product that wasn't even available yet. So he picked the wrong product, and he's got the wrong product in the video review, but you've got to see this video, so check it out - it's pretty cool.

So hats off on the creativity of the video, I thought that was really cool.

If you want to request that, because the video doesn't match the product and the review doesn't match the product either, if you want to request that this gets removed, let me show you how to do it.

You go to our Manufacturers' Portal, you log in, you find the product in the back end of the system. You'll see the review just as it appears on the website.

And if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, there is a box that says "Request Review Removal."

You click the box, and I guess here's the thing. There's a little caveat here, and I want to point it out.

We primarily do not remove reviews upon request. It's very rare. Just because it got one or two stars is not a reason to remove the review from the website.

What we do is we encourage you to put in a good case and a good cause on why you think this needs to be removed. We will consider your request. Our reviews department will look at it, and we'll make a judgement call whether or not we'll remove it. And we can also remove just the video portion of it or reassign the review to the appropriate product.

There's other things we can do before we just remove it from the website. So, I hope you enjoyed this, and I'm going to enjoy this.

Thanks for watching our video series, and have a good day. Thanks.

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