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Verified vs Non-Verified

How Different Sources Influence Your Letter Grade

Video Transcription
By Jon Hoch
President of Power Equipment Direct
Howdy manufacturers! Jon Hoch, Founder of Power Equipment Direct, and I am back with another video on our brand new Manufacturersí Portal. Today weíre going to be talking about verified and non-verified customers.

Just by the name, you can probably figure out what the difference is between the two. But today, I want to tell you why itís important on our websites and why itís important on our letter grade rankings. So letís take a look at the letter grades that are on our sites.

Youíll notice that this product has an A and this one has an A-, and as we talked about in our past videos, this is determined by our algorithm. Itís based on multiple data points. For example, itís based on our Product Expertsí opinion, itís based on our buyersí opinion, and heck - itís even based on your opinion, the manufacturer.

If you write a review on our site, itís influenced into this letter grade ranking. But just the three of us alone will not be able to determine what the grade is because we need a couple outside reviews. We need some other people to tell us what these are.

So what we do is, once we get one verified review or a couple non-verified reviews, then we can assign the letter grade ranking. But ultimately, itís not our opinions that matter. Itís the customersí opinions that matter. Because after you get twelve reviews, thirty reviews, eight reviews, our voices get drowned out and it becomes the voice of the customer that determines these letter grade rankings.

I want to give you a hint on something thatís going to be happening soon, so itís important for you to know. Letís take a look at our Campbell Hausfeld product here. We have a Campbell cordless inflator. And if we scroll down, youíll notice a couple different things on the reviews, okay?

Itís an A- ranking. Steve Robbins, our Product Expert, recommends it. And this is cool, because Steve has 1521 helpful votes. So people are appreciating what Steve has to say on this product.

In addition to that, theyíre appreciating what Andy has to say about it, because itís the most helpful positive review. And youíll notice two things on this review. Youíll notice that it has a Verified Buyer badge, because we know that Andy bought this from us.

In fact, we can say that, Andyís experience with Air Compressors Direct - ďGreat service and fast shipping,Ē - he likes us, he likes the product. Great, thatís the way it should be. But what happens if they donít like us?

Hereís the most helpful critical review, and this is from John. And youíll notice that something is missing from Johnís review. Itís the Verified Buyer badge. We donít know whether John bought this from us or not. We know itís your product, so itís your review and itís associated with your stuff. But we donít know whether John is our customer, so going forward, starting on March 1, 2015, we are no longer going to be responding to these types of reviews because we donít know whether theyíre our customer or not.

Either way, all of these reviews are your customers. Thatís pretty much guaranteed because whether they bought it from us or they bought it from someone else, itís your product. So hereís what I encourage you to do.

As the reviews come in, make sure youíre taking care of them and responding to the ones that you need to. Log into the portal, take care of the customers, do what you need to so you get those letter grades higher. Higher letter grades equal more sales, and that makes both of us happy. It makes our customers happy as well.

I hope this was helpful, and thanks for listening. Have a good day.

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