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Preferred Placement

Manufacturers: Get more exposure and clicks for your products.


It's no secret. Customers click on products listed at the top of the page.

If you're already listed among the Top 5 Sellers, congratulations. Your exposure is free.

If not, you can leapfrog the competition to the Featured position with Preferred Placement.

Bidding System

Securing the Featured spot is simple. Just enter a bid for every product that you want to promote. The opening bid is 20 cents.

If you are the lone bidder, you simply pay us 20 cents if someone clicks on your listing.

If there are multiple bidders for the same result, the winner simply pays a penny more than the second highest bidder.
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     Air Compressors
     Chain Saws
     Chippers & Shredders
     Electric Generators
     Hedge Trimmers
     Lawn Mowers
     Leaf Blowers
     Log Splitters
     Pressure Washers
     Snow Blowers
     String Trimmers
     Sump Pumps
     Water Pumps

    PED Preferred Network
    Where your products will be shown.
    Power Equipment Direct
    Mowers Direct
    Chain Saws Direct
    Electric Generators Direct
    Leaf Blowers Direct
    Snow Blowers Direct
    Pressure Washers Direct
    Log Splitters Direct
    Tillers Direct
    Air Compressors Direct
    Sump Pumps Direct
    Water Pumps Direct
    String Trimmers Direct