Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
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Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33

Pro Series PS-C33 - 1/3 HP Combination Primary & Backup Sump Pump System



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Pro Series PS-C33 - 1/3 HP Combination Primary & Backup Sump Pump System
Pro Series PS-C33 - 1/3 HP Combination Primary & Backup Sump Pump System
Model: PS-C33
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3000 Gallons

Switch Type


  • Protect Your Basement from Flooding
  • Provides both primary and backup pumping capabilities
  • Primary pump will operate as long as it is receiving A/C power
  • A/C fails or excessive water into sump than pump can handle
  • The backup sump pump will begin pumping automatically
  • Exclusive Monitoring System
  • Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, & pinpoints problems
  • Maintains and recharges battery automatically
  • Alarm can be silenced during a power outage
  • Output terminals for connection to a security system/auto-dialer
  • Combination System Includes:
  • 1/3 HP-PSC Primary Pump (3000 GPH @ 10' Lift)
  • PHCC 2400 12V Backup Pump (2400 GPH @ 10' Lift)
  • Backup system controller/charger with fluid sensor
  • Primary pump controller (DFC1.5) with caged dual float switch
  • 2 Check valves & 1-1/2" Rubber Union
  • Sump Foot™ - raised platform for both pumps
  • Battery Box Included
  • Can accommodate 1 or 2 Batteries (Sold Separately)
  • ***For Sealed AGM Batteries the Monitor Probe Attaches to Positive Terminal***


specs product image PID-6978
General Information
Product Category
Sump Pump
Base Material
Cast Iron
Min Sump Basin Size
12 Inch
12 Volt DC/120 Volt AC
Running Amps
Power Cord Length
8 Feet
Oil Free Motor
Housing Material
Cast Iron
Float Type
Vertical Float
GPH @ 0 feet
GPH @ 10 feet
Discharge Port Size
1-1/2 Inch
Check Valve Included
Backup GPH @ 10 feet
.33 hp
Product Category
Sump Pump
43 Pounds
Consumer Warranty
3 Years
Product Length
11 Inches
Product Width
10 Inches
Product Height
28.25 Inches


Pro Series PS-C33 Reviews & Ratings

Product Q&A

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Product Questions Answered by Jim, the Sump Pump Expert
Is it safe to have the pump on and drawing air to clear the discharge line?
from Illinois 
August 25, 2023
Can the back up pump use AC power?
from Ohio 
August 21, 2023
What is the minimum size basin needed for the pro series ps-c33. What is the size of both pumps combined?
from Pennsylvania 
June 17, 2019
What are the dimensions of the battery box that comes with this system?
from Wisconsin 
April 24, 2018
I purchased this pump from Sump Pumps Direct and love it. We've had the worst rainy week here in the last 2 years. The pump is triggering once a minute right now. My concern is that is not good for the pump. My pit is narrow but fairly deep, so each cycle is only pumping maybe 2 gallons. The 10 second shut off is not the issue as the pit is pumped dry. Is there any other float options, to allow more water in the pit before triggering. I have the float as high as possible given the piping and too high of course will affect the backup float.
Tony Z. 
from New Jersey 
April 01, 2017
HI. Comparing this to the Liberty combo. Liberty states it has solid handling. My washing machine drains into my sumo pit so that includes lint from clothes...can this pump handle that? And also, what battery choices are recommended for back up?
from Illinois 
July 04, 2016
Can I use a maintenance-free marine battery with this system?
Dan C 
from Illinois 
February 02, 2016
Are the switches adjustable so I can set the water height for them to turn on? Does the float turn off the pump or does it run for a set period of time?
from Michigan 
November 19, 2014
Jim I recently purchased this pump Unfortunately after a heavy rain with both pumps running I still had an overflow. Would running separate 1.5 discharge lines for each pump increase the GPH capability? Seems like the Y in the lines might create a bottle neck?
Rich K 
from Minnesota 
July 26, 2014
Jim - Any issue wth installing a redundant check valve on the discharge pipe prior to connection to the case one of the valves in the unit fails? Would it impede flow in any way on a 10' lift?
Matt P 
from Indiana 
June 02, 2014
Hi Jim, thanks for answering my questions about the PS-C33. It sounds like a great combination pump! One thing Im concerned about is surge protection, as we get a lot of storms in Minnesota. Do you know what type of surge protector is recommended for this unit? Thanks, Terry
Terry J 
from Minnesota 
February 11, 2014
Jim, why would you recommend this combo as "Better" over the "Good" Basement Watchdog 1/2 HP unit when the other unit has more power in the primary and backup pumps? I'm considering a combo unit and would love to hear your thoughts.
Donato M 
from Virginia 
November 09, 2012
how long will this battery run with loss of power.
from Ohio 
August 31, 2012
PS-C33: Will it fit in a 12" dia sump pit? Can I use a sealed battery? Thanks.
Gregg Larson 
from Washington 
July 29, 2011
what type of switch does the backup pump in the pro seriespsc33 use? Is the obove system a very good system? I don't need a wet basement when returning home. Jim
Jim Follon 
from Minnesota 
June 21, 2011

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Pro Series PS-C33 - 1/3 HP Combination Primary & Backup Sump Pump System
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
Pro Series PS-C33
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