String Trimmer Attachments

String Trimmer Attachments

How to Use String Trimmer Attachments for Versatility

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

Honda VersAttach Multi-Tool SystemOver the years, your garage or tool shed can fill up with many different pieces of lawn and garden equipment. 

Instead of buying a string trimmer, a cultivator, a hedge trimmer, and a pole saw, why not just invest more wisely in an assortment of string trimmer attachments

Attachment-capable string trimmers enable you to use the same engine to power all of these tools. This way, you can save space and money while minimizing maintenance tasks.


Split Boom Systems and Multihead Trimmers

String trimmer attachments make it easy to handle different lawn care tasks with one tool. However, if you want even greater convenience, and you want to be sure that all the attachments you buy will be compatible with your trimmer, your bet for the best weed eater with attachments might be a split boom or multihead trimmer.

Multi-task trimmer systems go by several different names depending on the manufacturer:

  • Efco Split-Boom System
  • Honda VersAttach Multi-Tool System
  • Makita Multi-Function String Trimmers
  • Milwaukee QUIK-LOK Attachment System

Makita Power Head

You'll find almost as many names for split booms as you will string trimmer attachments! What you'll get from any brand's split boom system, however, is a set of attachments designed to work with the same motor and able to be changed out in a matter of seconds, often without the use of any other tools.

So, if you're looking for the best edger trimmer combo, a split boom system will give you that and a few extra attachments to boot.

Additionally, if you like the idea of a system designed to work with different attachments but don't want all the attachments that a split boom system included, you have the option of buying multi-function power heads separately, without attachments. This allows you just the versatility you need to get the great-looking lawn you want.


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Leaf Blower Attachment

Leaf Blower AttachmentBlower attachments convert your string trimmer into a leaf blower by utilizing the drive shaft of the trimmer to spin a blower fan. The fan's specially designed housing generates air flow up to 145 mph.

Nozzle adapters on some models enable you to switch between concentrated air flow for hard to reach places or more broad air flow for larger spaces. Some models are designed for specific string trimmer brands; however, there are universal attachments that will fit various makes and models of attachment-capable string trimmers.


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Edger Attachment

Edger AttachmentEdging with a string trimmer can be kind of tricky for those without a lot of experience. Having an edger attachment enables you to switch from trimming to edging with a separate head to get the job done right with more ease.

There are brand-specific edger attachments, and there are the universal TrimmerPlus versions. They all have guide wheels and durable metal blades for cutting a straight and consistent edge.


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Cultivator Attachment

Cultivator AttachmentOften, cultivators are needed only two to three times per year. If you're looking for a low-cost means of cultivating that won't take up a lot of space or add extra maintenance to your schedule, a cultivator attachment is the right way to go.

They have strong, durable gear boxes, and the tines on most models will cultivate up to nine inches deep. They're perfect for stirring amendments into the top layer of your garden soil, or even for helping to remove and control weeds between plants. If you're tired of turning topsoil with a hand shovel, but you don't want another large piece of equipment that needs to be maintained, this is the ideal attachment for you.


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Brush Cutter Attachment

Brush Cutter AttachmentWhen you're trimming tall grasses and weeds, there are times you may come across thicker growth, reeds, or small saplings that your string trimmer can't quite handle. In these situations, it's good to have a brush cutter. Brush cutters utilize heavy-duty gear boxes that can handle rugged metal blades and tougher cutting conditions.

However, you likely don't want to lug around a separate brush cutter just for those occasional tough spots. It's much easier to just bring an attachment with you and switch out heads when necessary. There are fewer options for these attachments, but you can still get the universal TrimmerPlus version that fits various makes and models of attachment-capable string trimmers.


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Pole Saw Attachment

Pole Saw AttachmentSometimes, as you're trimming weeds or grasses around trees, you might notice a dead limb that needs to be trimmed. Obviously your string trimmer isn't going to be capable of cutting through a tree limb, but a pole saw attachment will change that.

Adding a pole saw attachment to your string trimmer can extend your reach by up to 11 feet and enable you to cut through up to six- or nine-inch tree limbs.


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Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Hedge Trimmer AttachmentHave the nicest looking home on the block with clean-squared hedges. There are various makes and models of hedge trimmer attachments available to fit most brands and styles of attachment-capable string trimmers. They're double-sided and corrosion resistant to provide top-notch performance for years to come.

This attachment just makes great sense. When you're string trimming along your hedges, why not have an attachment readily available for trimming the hedges as well? Simply switch from string trimmer to hedge trimmer with the same motor. They typically offer tool-free installation so you can easily switch between tools without having to return to your tool bench.


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Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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