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Brush Cutter Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Brush Cutter

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Sometimes you come across a project that's too much for your tool to handle.

For those times when a string trimmer just can't cut it (pun intended), there's a stronger alternative to get the job done.

Brush cutters forego the lighter line used on string trimmers, and instead utilize metal blades capable of cutting through thicker vegetation and overgrown areas.

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Handheld Brush Cutter

Sporting larger engines and thicker line, handheld brush cutters work like string trimmers with extra muscle.

They're ideal for thick brush and overgrown weeds, grass, and even saplings because they have the strength to power metal brush cutter blades.

Handheld brush cutters are available in 2-cycle and 4-cycle, depending whether or not you're comfortable with mixing gas and oil.

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Walk-Behind Brush Cutter

Walk-behind brush cutters, also known as brush mowers, help to complete larger projects more quickly.

Whereas handheld brush cutters are great for small patches of thick vegetation, walk-behind brush cutters are ideal for larger areas of overgrown brush.

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Tow-Behind Brush Cutter

Tow-behind brush cutters may often be sought out by those who have an entire field to cut.

These kinds of brush cutters attach off-center to the back of a garden tractor. They're easy to operate and very effective at cutting through thick weeds and saplings.

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