Electric String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

Electric String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric String Trimmer

Dale, the String Trimmer Expert
String Trimmer Expert

Are you sick of gas and oil? Tired of the excessive noise produced by gas engines?

Don't bother with any more oil changes or trips to the gas station. Electric string trimmers are a great alternative, and they've come a long way over the years.

Today's electric trimmers come with all sorts of features designed to make yard work feel almost effortless:

  • Ergonomically designed handles,
  • Pivoting trimmer heads
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries


Cordless Electric String Trimmers

Cordless String Trimmer

Cordless electric trimmers run on battery power. Although the most powerful models have large, heavy-duty batteries, many have small batteries and weigh a total of only five to ten pounds, making these trimmers much more comfortable to carry and use than gas trimmers.

Almost all the models you'll find available use lithium-ion batteries, which are designed for long hours of use. However, if you have a large yard to trim, you might find that you have to recharge your battery part-way through the job. Consider having extra batteries on hand so that you don't have to wait for your battery to charge.

If you're looking for a string trimmer that's affordable, emissions-free, and easy to use, consider buying a cordless electric trimmer.


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Corded vs. Cordless String Trimmers

Corded String Trimmer

In the early days of electric string trimmers, corded electric trimmers were more commonly available. By connecting to an outlet through an extension cord, these trimmers allowed users to work outside for hours without stopping to change a battery, a fact which some corded trimmer users still enjoy today.

However, corded trimmers aren’t seen as often these days, with many consumers instead choosing the convenience, safety, and ease of use of cordless trimmers when they go electric. By not using a cord, battery-powered trimmers offer some advantages over their corded counterparts:

  • Unrestricted movement
  • No safety concerns about tripping over a cord
  • No worries about increasing the electric bill

Whichever features and benefits you think are most important, you're bound to find an electric-powered string trimmer to make lawn care easy and environmentally friendly!


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Dale, the String Trimmer Expert
String Trimmer Expert
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