Two-Stage Chutes

Two-Stage Chutes

How to Choose a Two-Stage Snow Blower Chute

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

Two-stage snow blowers get their names because they handle the snow twice.

In addition, they feature elaborate chutes that control the flow of the snow in two ways.

First, you can throw the snow left or right. Second, some models feature remote deflectors that control how high and low the snow goes.

But there's more to a snow blower's chute than that. Read on to learn more about the different types of chutes available and to find out which style is right for you.


2.5x Crank Chutes

Crank ChuteA 2.5x crank chute works identical to a manual crank - just with much fewer cranks. The chute will turn up to 180 degrees in just 2.5 turns.

Crank the handle in a clockwise direction, the chute turns right. Crank it in a counter-clockwise direction, the chute turns left.

The crank, however, doesn't control the pitch of the snow. To adjust the deflector, you need to stop, walk around the machine, and adjust it by hand.


Quick-Stick Chutes

Quck-StickA Quick-Stick is a lot like a mechanical joystick.

It allows you to adjust the direction of the chute from right to left while also controlling the angle of the deflector from low to high.

This eliminates the need for a second lever and allows all chute and deflector control to be done with a single hand.


Quick-Turn Lever Chutes

Quick-Turn ChuteQuick-Turn levers are often found on Ariens snow blowers.

Instead of cranking in circles, you simply move the lever to the left to blow snow to the left. Move the lever to the right, and the chute turns right.

The remote deflector, however, is controlled by a second lever, which requires the use of a second hand.


Electric Chutes

Electric Chute ControlElectric chutes are similar to a video game controller.

Your right thumb turns the chute side-to-side, and your left thumb raises and lowers the deflector.

Best of all, you don't need to take your hands off the wheel. They stay firmly wrapped around the toasty warm hand warmers, keeping the snow blower on cruise control.

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Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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