Snow Plow Buying Guide

Snow Plow Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Snow Plow

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

When snowfall hits hard, we all dream of being the Plow King. Why not make that dream a reality?

Just convert your truck, car, or lawn tractor into a plow, and you can be the Plow King of your neighborhood. Don't shovel snow by hand when you can plow it away with horsepower!

Attach a plow blade and clear snow from the warmth of a cozy cab, or at least the comfort of a cushioned seat.


Truck and SUV Plows

Truck & SUV Plow

Be the bad, bad Leroy Brown of your town by attaching a large plow to the front of your truck or SUV. You can get a simple, manually adjustable plow, or you can go all-out and get yourself a remote-controlled hydraulic plow.

With a front hitch, you can attach and detach these monsters with ease, and they come with casters to easily roll them out of the way when you're finished.

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Car Plows

Car PlowThat's right, your car can plow too! No need to own a truck, unless you want more power behind it. These simple 50-pound plows attach to the front or rear of your car in seconds and do not require any hitches or hydraulics.

These plows will also work for smoothing and spreading sand or gravel, so you can use them on uneven surfaces and for multi-season projects.

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ATV Plows

ATV Plow

ATVs are so versatile! Along with being used for hunting, exploring, towing rough-cut mowers, and dragging lumber, all-terrain vehicles can also be used for plowing.

They're ideal for clearing large driveways but are also able to clear sidewalks and walkways that a truck plow would not be suitable for. They're easy to connect and disconnect, and can be angled to suit your needs.

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Tractor and Zero-Turn Plows

Tractor and Zero-Turn PlowSimilar to an ATV, lawn tractors are quite versatile when it comes to outdoor chores. While lawn tractors can pull tow-behind dethatchers and tow-behind lawn sweepers, they can also be used for plowing long driveways and sidewalks.

Once installed, you can clear large amounts of snow with ease. They come equipped with manual controls for adjusting the angle from where you sit.

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Snow Blower Plows

Snow Blower Plow

The Slush Plow is a great addition to any snowblower. It makes handling wet, frozen snow, slush, and sleet with a two- or three-stage snow blower much more efficient. Plus, you'll be able to clear all the way to the pavement.

They make a great finishing tool, as well as a primary tool for removing wet, heavy slop that a snowblower struggles with.

How to Plow Slush and Snow With a Snow Blower

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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