Tow-Behind Generator Buyer's Guide

Tow-Behind Generator Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Tow-Behind Generator

If you need the power of a standby generator with the flexibility to transport it from site to site, a tow-behind generator, also known as a pull behind generator, is your best bet. Typically, you'll find these units on construction sites, mining operations, military bases, and other semi-permanent applications.

Benefits of Tow-Behind Generators

Generac Towable GeneratorManagers of remote operations tend to choose towable generators instead of standby or portable generators for the following reasons.


Unlike professional portable generators, which typically max out at 20,000 watts of power output, some tow-behind generators get close to 50,000 watts. There is a place for smaller portable units, to be sure. For example, they are great for shorter jobs that don't need as much power. However, for bigger, longer-term jobs, you can't beat the power of a tow-behind.


Tow-behind generators are powered by diesel fuel. With gas tanks as large as 80-gallons, they can handle large loads for extended periods - as much as 26-hours on a half-load.


Towable generators come in different styles to accomodate easy transport. Some can be hitched to your vehicle, while others are hoisted using a crane. This makes moving between job sites a cinch.


Tow-behind generators are generally built to operate with traditionally industrial three-phase electricity, but can be switched to single-phase for maximum flexibiliy. They can also be used as a primary power source. If you live deep in the woods and have access to plenty of diesel, it's a viable option.

Types of Tow-Behind Generators

There are different styles of tow-behind generators.
  • Trailer-mounted generators are attached to a custom-built trailer and ball hitch for easy towing by most work trucks and SUVs.

  • Skid-mounted generators have large reinforced lifting eyes, so the generator can be hoisted into a job site by a crane.

Mobile Lighting Towers

Light Tower Construction SiteJust because the sun sets, doesn't mean you're done with the job. In fact, as some road crews can attest, they work predominantly at night. Powered by a tow-behind generator, light towers provide lighting and much-needed safety to crews working through the dark.

With as many as four high-power light bulbs, you can illuminate up to 24,000 square feet per tower. You also have the option to go solar. Solar-power won't include loud engines and a supply of fuel to run, just sunlight. Solar panel photocells are expensive, so the upfront cost is higher. However, your operating costs are nearly non-existent.

If your only need for a tow-behind generator is a light-tower, you can opt for a unit that powers just the light. This option is generally much cheaper, but you're obviously sacrificing power and versatility.

Take Your Power Anywhere

Towable, skid-mount, and light tower generators let you take serious power where you need it most. Contact us today to learn more about towable options.

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