The Best Lawn Mowers of 2022

The Best Lawn Mowers of 2022

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Mowers

Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert

A well-trimmed lawn signals to neighbors, friends, and potential homebuyers that you care about things, but choosing the best mower can be hard. That's why we compiled the Best Lawn Mowers of 2022 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect type for your needs. 

If you're not sure what kind of mower you need, check out our Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.

Happy mowing! 

Lawn Mower Categories

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Walk-behind Mower

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

They're the most common type of lawn mower you see, but that doesn't mean they're bland. From reel, to gas and battery-power models, get a walk-behind lawn mower that’s right for you! Our list of the best walk-behind lawn mowers will help you choose between the various types, sizes, and styles.

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Riding Mowers

Riding Lawn Mowers

Whether you've used riding mowers before or have always secretly wanted to, we have the list for you. Doesn't matter if you're seeking the best zero-turn mower or the best lawn tractor, we've got you covered. Just be might fall in love with cutting grass!

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Tow Behind Mower

Tow-Behind Lawn Mowers

Heavy-duty yards call for heavy-duty mowers. If you're looking at our list of the best tow-behind mowers, you have some serious property that needs some serious cutting machinery. Whether you need the power of a rough cut tow-behind mower or the finesse of a gang reel model, you'll find the best one here.

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Dale, the Lawn Mower Expert
Lawn Mower Expert
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