Medium Semi-Pro Electric Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

Medium Semi-Pro Electric Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick a Medium Semi-Pro Electric Power Washer

Medium semi-pro electric power washers are similar to their consumer-grade counterparts in terms of PSI & GPM, but that's about it.


Equipped with superior pumps and spray guns, semi-pro units provide a better performance, so you're getting the most out of your water pressure.


If you've been let down by cheap electric units, a semi-pro pressure washer is just what the doctor ordered to restore your faith.


Dry-Run Multi-Hour Bypass

Semi-Pro Pressure Washer

With the less expensive pressure washers, the pumps will burn out if you leave them running without enough water to work with. You may think, "I would never," but it happens all the time.


Those cheaper pressure washers don't have a multi-hour bypass, so if it runs out of water while it's running, the pump sucks air and burns out.


A feature found on some semi-pro pressure washers is a multi-hour bypass. This run-dry capability prevents the pump from damage should you walk away and it runs out of water to pump.


Superior Features

Adjustable Pressure Washer Control

As stated before, medium semi-pro electric pressure washers often come with higher quality hoses. Often times, the hoses will be longer, and in some cases non-marking.


This will mean you can reach places you otherwise couldn't, and the non-marking hoses won't leave rubber scuff marks on anything they touch. One of the best features found on these semi-pro power washers is adjustable pressure control. This will allow you to adjust the PSI to match the task at hand. If you're rinsing the detergent off of your truck, you can dial down for a softer spray.


If you're trying to blast mold and algae off of concrete, you can crank it up to the full force and get a deep-down clean.


High-Quality Pump

medium electric semi-pro pressure washer

Medium semi-pro electric pressure washers come with upgraded, high-quality pumps. They typically are equipped with Triplex plunger pumps that feature ceramic pistons. Ceramic pistons last longer because they run cooler. Because the pumps are commercial quality, they're durable and can be rebuilt.


This means that if your motor breaks down for any reason, you have the option of getting it repaired. Some lower quality pumps aren't repairable, so if something happened, you'd have to toss the whole unit and buy a new pressure washer.


Semi-Pro Medium Elec. Washers



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