Gas Truck-Mount Compressor Buyer's Guide

Gas Truck-Mount Compressor Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Gas Truck Mount Air Compressor

Two-stage compressors have become a staple of professional garages and workshops because they deliver high performance compressed air.


However, these models are stationary, which doesn't do you much good at a remote job-site.


Then truck-mounted air compressors came along and changed everything! They allow you to deliver the power of a 2-stage air compressor anywhere you can drive your truck.



Single-Stage Vs Two-Stage

Single-Stage vs Two-Stage Gas Trunk Mount Compressors

Single-stage compressors use one piston stroke to compress the air, making the piston work much harder to keep up. Two-stage compressors have two separate pistons.


The first piston only partially compresses the air, then sends it on to a second piston to complete the compression. Two-stage compressors have a much easier time keeping up with constant demand, so they're more sought after for commercial use.


If you're using an impact wrench, you'll want to have a two-stage compressor. If you're using a nail gun or only use the compressor occasionally, then you'll be fine saving some money with a single-stage compressor.



Recoil Vs Electric Start

Compresor Electric Start

You'll recognize recoil start engines from mowers and lawn tools. You pull a cord to turn over the engine. The alternative is much easier: electric-start engines. With the turn of a key or the press of a button, your compressor will roar to life, ready to power all the tools in your arsenal.


Plus, with electric-start models, you still have the recoil option if the electric-start battery is dead. 



Dual Air Outlets

Dual Air Plugs

Most truck mount compressors are equipped with multiple air outlets, allowing you to run several air tools at the same time.


The most powerful truck mount compressor produces 52 CFM, which can easily handle multiple air tools. When you're working out of your truck, space is at a premium. Truck mount compressors have the power of several smaller compressors all in one unit.


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