Pressure Washer Business Start Up Kits

Pressure Washer Business Start Up Kits

How To Start Or Expand Your Business

Starting a pressure washing business requires much more than just a pressure washer.

Depending on the surface, project size, and type of stain, you will need different kinds of accessories, attachments, and detergents. Thankfully, we offer commercial bundles called "pressure washer kits" that include top-notch components and everything you'd need to start a pressure washing operation.


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Pressure Washer Business Start-Up Kit Components

Before recommending specific pressure washer business start-up kits, let’s go over what components to look for.

Pressure Pro Business Kit


Pressure washer: The heart of the kit, the pressure washer provides the power to get the job done. Know what you want to clean (decks, cars, siding, etc.), and choose a kit that has a pressure washer with the appropriate flow rate and water pressure. Learn more about choosing the right pressure washer.


Surface Cleaner: A surface cleaner connects directly to the pressure washer wand and will spray the water cleanly and uniformly across the surface you’re cleaning. Perfect for decks and driveways, a surface cleaner provides a gratifying deep clean with the bonus of not splashing any water at you! Learn more about choosing the right surface cleaner.


Telescoping Wand: To remove dirt and grime from high, hard-to-reach places, you need a telescoping wand, which is an extender for your pressure washer. You’ll be able to clean up to three stories high from the safety of the ground. Learn more about choosing the right telescoping wand.


High-Pressure Hoses: These hoses come in handy when you need extra length. They extend the high-pressure hose and are great if you’re cleaning an entire house or large lot.


Support Belt: Wear this when using the telescoping wand for additional stability and control.


Quick Connect Fittings: Save time with quick connect fittings that streamline switching between hoses, nozzles, and other attachments.


Ball Valve: Quickly switch out components without needing to shut down the engine.


Two great brands offering business pressure washer kits are Pressure-Pro and BE. Here are the highlights of their best sellers. 


Pressure-Pro Deluxe Kit

Pressure-Pro 4000 PSI Deluxe Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business KitThe cornerstone of this Pressure-Pro package is the 4000 PSI Eagle belt drive cold water pressure washer, powered by a Honda GX commercial engine and a CAT triplex plunger pump that runs cool and lasts long. The belt drive helps you handle longer-lasting (3-4 hour) jobs without issue—perfect for a business startup. 

Included also is an 18-inch industrial surface cleaner that can handle hot and cold water use up to 180° F. An 18-inch telescoping wand with a support belt will help you easily reach soffits, siding, and gutters from the ground. 

You’ll also get five spray tip nozzles, a garden hose quick connect fitting, and two 50-foot high-pressure hoses. Confidently tackle anything from deck brightening, house washing, sidewalk or heavy equipment cleaning, pre-painting, and a variety of other jobs.


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BE Professional Kit

BE Professional 4200 PSI (Gas - Cold Water) Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business KitThe pressure washer business start-up kit from BE is a fantastic option geared toward more price-conscious users. Its 4200 PSI cold water pressure washer is powered by a 13-horsepower GX390 Honda engine and is ideal for estates, farms, and light commercial applications. The CAT triplex plunger pump provides four gallons per minute of cleaning power for demanding applications.

Besides the pressure washer itself, the kit includes a 20-inch surface cleaner for uniform cleaning of decks, patios, and driveways, as well as an 18-foot telescoping wand to reach high places. You’ll also find a ball valve kit for easy switching of tips, wands, and hoses.

BE kits are proudly manufactured in the USA and come with a 5-year limited warranty on the pump and a 3-year Honda engine warranty. 


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The Bottom Line

With a pressure washer start-up kit, you’ll have everything you need to earn extra money on the side. When you order from us, the kits ship all together in one bundle. No waiting for odd bits to show up weeks later. So, start your pressure washing business today!


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