Father's Day Gift Ideas 2021

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2021

Best Gifts for Dad

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

Finding the right gift for dad isn't always easy. That's why we're here to help with some cool Father's Day gift ideas for 2021.

Typically, we find that dads fall into one of three camps: "DIY" Dad, "Techie" Dad, or "Sportsman" Dad. Which kind of dad do you have? Click on your "dad type," and you'll get to browse the best gifts for dad. Have fun, and happy browsing!

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Best Father's Day Gifts for the DIY Dad

DIY Dad Gifts

Is your dad a perfectionist when it comes to DIY projects? Does he pride himself on the best-looking lawn on the block? Basically, if something breaks, your dad fixes it! We know that with the right tool in his hands, he can create magic. Check out these DIY gifts for dad that'll make his life easier...

power tools

Power Tools

Whether your dad is a Milwaukee lover or a Dewalt devotee, we have the power tools to make him blush. Treat him to the best drills, grinders, saws, combo kits, and so much more!

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Let 'er rip! If your dad is always looking to chop something down in the yard, he'll go wild over a gas or electric chainsaw. With multiple options from the top brands, you're sure to find dad the perfect cut!

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string trimmer

String Trimmers

Do you have the dad who doesn't settle for anything less than a perfect lawn? Indulge his obsession with a string trimmer! No blade of grass will be safe when dad has one of these bad boys on hand.

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pressure washer

Pressure Washers

A pressure washer will help your dad keep the cleanest property on the block. There are seemingly limitless ways to use a pressure washer. From cleaning a driveway, to revitalizing a deck, to making that garage floor spotless, dad can do it all!

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paint sprayer

Paint Sprayer

Time to toss the paint roller. A paint sprayer can help your DIY dad cut time spent on fence painting, deck staining and more in half. He'll love the speed and convenience these products offer and will start looking forward to big paint jobs!

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Best Father's Day Gifts for the Techie Dad

Techie Dad Gifts

Ok, we get it, your dad is awesome at fixing literally anything electronic. Why not honor his tech-savvy prowess with a gift he'll truly love?

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats

Your dad won't want to leave the house once you get him a smart thermostat. These intelligent devices can "learn” temperature preferences and constantly keep a home at the ideal comfort level. See the full lineup below.

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smart home controls

Smart Home Gadgets

Give your techie dad the control he craves with a smart home hub, smart speakers and more. When he's not talking to his virtual Google Assistant, he'll be streaming his favorite music and tv shows or just remotely turning appliances on or off for fun!

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smart home security

Home Security & Monitoring

Help your techie dad be the protector of the family by getting him a smart security device. From indoor and outdoor cameras, to electronic door locks, we have everything he needs to be the hero of the house.

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Solar Generator

Solar Generators

Dad will literally have power at his fingertips with a solar-powered electric generator. During outages, he'll be able to keep many of his other precious gadgets running without worrying about fuel or exhaust issues. Give the gift of power.

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smart home security

Battery-Powered Mowers

Electric mowers are quieter, less expensive to run, and look sleek. Techie dad will love all of these features. Most of all, he'll love being the guy with the most high-tech lawn mower on the block.

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Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Sportsman Dad

Sportsman Dad Gifts

The "sportsman" is the fun dad everyone wants to be around. He's the life of the party who brings out the best in everyone around him. He can be found tailgating on game day, playing yard games at the family BBQ, and fishing on the boat. We have exactly what every consummate outdoorsman wants...



At last...beer on tap anytime. With a kegerator, your dad will throw the best parties around. His level of cool will be unsurpassed as he serves fresh, flavorful beer to his guests (or himself) whenever he wants.

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Beverage & Wine Coolers

Imagine a hot summer day. Your dad, exhausted after heavy yardwork, reaches for a nice can of beer only to realize the demoralizing truth that it's warm. Put an end to warm beverages. Get dad a beer or wine cooler.

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Outboard Motor

Outboard Motors

If your dad is a boating enthusiast, get him an outboard motor to give his boat some extra push. With various horsepowers, transom heights, and special features to choose from, you'll find what he needs for a better boating experience.

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No backyard gameday party is complete without a proper grill. After all, your sportsman dad needs a way to demonstrate his superior babequing skills to his friends and neighborhood rivals. Plus, you'll benefit from the great food he cooks.

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ice makers

Ice Makers

The days of last-minute runs to the gas station for ice will end once your dad gets his hands on an ice maker. That means less wasted time traveling and more time grilling, entertaining guests, and managing epic gameday parties.

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Give Dad the Best

We want to make sure you give your dad the best gift possible, no matter what his interests or hobbies are. If you need more ideas, browse all of our store deals at the link below.

Happy Father's Day!

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Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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