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How To Turn a Lawn Tractor Into a Snow Blower

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

A snow blower is basically an engine on two wheels.

If you own a lawn tractor, you have already invested in a powerful engine on four wheels.

Instead of buying and maintaining a second engine, convert your lawn tractor into a snow thrower.

You'll save some money and garage space.

Here are some accessories to consider while converting:

Snow Blower AttachmentSnow Blower Attachment
Instead of having to push your heavy snow thrower through the thick snow, get a snow blower attachment for your tractor.

This way you can just hop on and let the powerful engine of your tractor do the heavy-lifting.

Plow Blades
Lawn Tractor PlowIf you would rather plow your driveway, we carry an assortment of tractor mounted plows to help you make short work of your snow covered property.

Plow blades can get closer to the ground than a snow blower attachment so you aren't left with much or any snow on your driveway.

Snow Cab
Lawn Tractor Snow CabWhen Mother Nature brings a bad snow storm you don't get a reprieve from work. You still have to clear your driveway.

Frigid temperatures, punishing wind gusts and relentless snow can make it almost unbearable to be outside.

So, give yourself a little extra protection from the elements. With a tractor snow cab, you can be protected from the harsh winter weather and still snowblow your driveway and walkways.

Tire Chains
Lawn Tractor Tire ChainsDuring snow storms, locations with steep terrain and narrow roads often mandate tire chains for non-4-wheel drive vehicles. Lawn and garden tractors are rear wheel drive for power in pulling and pushing.

Icy weather may require some added traction for your tractor to operate at peak performance levels. Throw tire chains on your tires so you don't worry about sliding.

Wheel Weights
Lawn Tractor Wheel WeightsWhen your tractor is slipping on icy or snowy terrain, you may want to add some weight to your mower. Wheel weights are applied to the rear tires and help weigh the back end of the tractor down so the tires grip better.

For the ultimate traction in harsh winter weather and especially on steep terrain, couple tire chains and wheel weights.


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