Clear Snowy Driveways With a Tractor

Clear Snowy Driveways With a Tractor

How To Turn a Lawn Tractor Into a Snow Blower

If you own a lawn tractor, you've already invested in a powerful engine with four wheels. Even though we love our snowblowers, sometimes it just makes more sense to work with the power equipment you've already got in the garage.

So, instead of buying and maintaining a second engine, consider converting your lawn tractor into a snow-removal champion. You'll love the versatility of tractor attachments, and you'll get to enjoy plowing tons of snow quickly while comfortably sitting down.


Snow Blower Attachments

Snow Blower Tractor Attachment

Instead of having to push your snowblower through heavy, wet snow, tractor attachments are a close alternative and take minimal effort for great results. Your tractor will do the heavy lifting for you-just hop on and go.

Because the way these attachments will be installed depends on the compatibility of your lawn tractor, it's best to check the user manual of both your tractor and the digital manuals provided on our product pages.

 How To Install Snowblower Attachments


Snow Plow Blades

Lawn Tractor Plow Attachment

If you'd rather plow your driveway as plow trucks do, we have an assortment of tractor-mounted snow plows to help make clearing your drive fast and easy. Plow blades can get closer to the ground that snow blower attachments can, so your lines will be cleaner and closer to the pavement.

In addition to tractor plows, we have plows available for your ATV, truck/SUV, and even for snowblowers so you can plow snow all season long to your heart's content. 

 How to Install Snow Plow Attachments


Snow Cabs

Lawn Tractor With Snow Cab Attachment

Even though sitting on your tractor makes snow removal easier in frigid temperatures, being berated with punishing winds and relentless snow can make it almost unbearable to work outside for long.

Snow cabs protect you from the harshest cold air and heaviest snowfall so you can work comfortably until the job is done. With weather-protection as good as this, you might find yourself clearing your neighbor's driveway, too.


Tire Chains

Lawn Tractor Tire Chains

When removing snow from steep terrain or narrow roads during heavy snowfall,  tire chains give you better traction to prevent your tractor from sliding around on icy or uneven surfaces.

Most lawn tractors have rear-wheel drive for increased power when pulling or pushing loads. Non-4-wheel-drive vehicles are often required to have tire chains to operate in snowy conditions. With chains, your tractor can remove snow at peak performance while keeping you safe. 


Wheel Weights

Lawn Tractor Wheel Weights

Even though chains add traction to your tractor, sometimes you'll need extra weights to keep your tires firmly on the ground. Wheel weights are attached to the rear-tires to add weight to the back end on the tractor and keep it grounded.

In a blizzard or hazardous icy conditions, we recommend coupling chains and wheel weights to keep from sliding around steep terrain and icy surfaces.


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