Snow Cabs, Tire Chains, Salt Spreaders, and More

Snow Cabs, Tire Chains, Salt Spreaders, and More

Pick the Perfect Accessories for Your Snow Blower

If you live in a climate that receives regular snow, getting a snowblower is a no-brainer.

But if you want to make the most of your machine and your experience, you should supplement your snow blower with the right accessories.

The products below will help you take your experience to the next level of comfort, protection, and power.


Snow Cabs

snow blower cab

A snow cab is a perfect way to shield yourself from the winter wind. With a plastic liner shield that engulfs you, a snow cab keeps blowing snow from slapping you in the face.


If you want to stay protected from the elements while taking care of snow removal, choosing the right snow cab is not difficult. They are designed to either attach directly to your snowblower or onto a tractor for tractor-mount snow removal applications.


Snowblower Covers

snowblower cover

Having a snowblower cover doesn't just protect it from dirt and dust getting into the engine, but it also protects your paint job to keep it looking like new year after year. Unlike plastic bags that sweat and can cause moisture damage, these covers are breathable and durable.


When you store a snowblower for the off-season, it's important to protect your investment from the elements and cosmetic damage to extend the snowblower's longevity.


Tire Chains

tire chains

Sometimes snow is deep and condensed. Tire chains make it easy to keep traction is almost any conditions, giving you the traction you need to keep the wheels cycling in a blizzard.


Tire chains are easy to install and make it safer to plow on hills or uneven surfaces using your tractor or vehicle. Just remember to select the right sized chains for your tires.


Floor Mats

WeatherTech snow blower floor mat

Don't let water and slush flood your garage or shed. Get a floor mat so you can contain the mess. These mats will protect your garage from dirt, leaking water, and ice.


We also offer heated floor mats to melt snow and ice, perfect for the entry doors or sidewalks and especially seniors living on their own in condo's or apartments.


One of the best features of having a floor mat is for their all-seasonal purposes. Made out of heavy-duty rubber material, they are meant to last all-year-round, year after year, so you can use them as a shoe mat, pool supply drip, or for use underneath hooks that hold your rain gear. You can get creative with its many uses.


Hand Warmers

snowblower hand warmer kitEven when you wear gloves, your hands can freeze in arctic temperatures. That's why hand warmer kits will help keep the cold weather more comfortable on your joints. Our customers often tell us that hand warmers make a drastic, positive difference in their snow blowing experience.


Even though they may not be available on every snowblower, they are definitely worth seeking out when offered as a highlighted snowblower feature.


Cold-Weather Extension Cords

freeze-proof low-temp extension cord

If you have an electric or electric-start snow thrower, having an extension cord is essential. But not any extension cord is going to work. Most basic extension cords are not insulated to protect it against cold weather and will stiffen while you're working.


Basic cords aren't safe to use when operating powerful electric snowblowers and selecting the right wire gauge (size), cord length, and making sure nothing else is plugged into your electrical outlet is critical for your safety. Fortunately, choosing the right cold-weather extension cord doesn't have to be rocket science.


Snow Pushers

snow pusher dozerClear a path for yourself with ease. When you don't want to (or can't) use your snow thrower in a certain area, a snow pusher will help tackle the job at twice the speed of standard snow shovels.


For the times you have to shovel, get the durability and large surface area of a bulldozing snow pusher to cut your manual labor time in half.


Salt Spreaders

salt spreaderThe last thing you want is an injury, whether it's on your property or you're on the job elsewhere. A salt spreader is a convenient way to keep pathways clear and safe for everyone by helping you evenly distribute salt where it's needed most.


Salt spreaders are extremely versatile and can be attached directly on your snowblower, your ATV, the back of your tractor, the bed of your truck, and even as a standalone walk-behind salt spreader.


Spreading salt manually is difficult whether your a homeowner or a professional service. To make it easier, enlist in the help of a professional salt spreader.


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