Debris Loaders for Yard Waste Pickup

Debris Loaders for Yard Waste Pickup

How a Debris Truck Loader Can Save Time & Labor

Dale, the Leaf Blower Expert
Leaf Blower Expert

Whether you run a lawn service or own a large property that requires a lot of yard work, debris loaders let you finish big jobs fast.

As you prune, trim, mow, and whack, you're creating various styles of yard waste. You can gather that debris with leaf blowers, lawn sweepers, and other lawn care tools.

But once you collect and consolidate all of that waste, where do you put it? That large pile of leaves, twigs, wind-blown garbage, and grass clippings eventually needs to be put in its place.

That's when a debris loader comes in handy. Like an enormous vacuum hose, it allows you to pick up your debris and shoot it into a trailer, bin, or cart so that you can easily haul it away.

But you've never used a vacuum like this.

How Debris Loaders Help with Debris Reduction

Debris Loader ImpellerIn addition to sucking up debris and discharging it into a collection truck or bin, debris loaders also feature impellers that reduce the debris to a small mulch.

Different brands have different names for their impellers, but they're all very much the same concept. They typically feature four blades that spin like a fan and tear through the leaves to reduce the amount of space they take to store.

These impellers reduce how frequently you need to empty your truck or trailer, and they make organic debris reusable as winter mulch for gardens and flower beds.

Debris Loader Mounting and Towing Options

mounting optionsThere are two options available for connecting your debris truck loader to your vehicle and transporting it from place to place:

  • Tailgate hanger kits
  • Debris loader trailers

If you want to save truck and trailer space, you can use a tailgate hanger kit to mount the debris loader directly to the tailgate of your truck or debris trailer.

If your debris loader is a larger, skid-mounted model with a discharge chute that you can aim directly into your collection hopper, you'll need to tow it with a tow-behind trailer that attaches to your vehicle.

Debris Loader Hanger Kits

Hanger KitA hanger kit allows you to mount your debris loader to the tailgate of a truck or trailer. Mounting it on the tailgate of your debris trailer makes it easy to position the discharge chute so that all debris is directed into the trailer.

It also allows your loader to be kept in place from start to finish, so there's no time wasted with setting up your loader and packing it back up at the end of a job. Just start it up, and you're ready to load.

These hangers fit most entry-level and mid-grade models and are easy to install. In many cases, you just tighten two bolts to attach your debris truck loader to the back of any tailgate. Always check the manual for installation guidelines.

Debris Loader Trailers

Brand-Specific Custom TrailerFor the larger, more commercial-sized debris loaders, there's still a convenient way to haul it along and still have it ready from the time you arrive on the scene.

Debris loader trailers are compatible with their own brands of debris loaders. It's expected that these larger models will be used for serious, commercial-quality jobs, and the trailers are designed with that in mind. They boast features made for professional use:

  • 14" wheels
  • Pre-wired lights
  • A backup whip
  • A traffic cone holder

Additional Debris Loader Accessories

custom fitting optionsTo have your debris loader ready to thrive from the time you arrive, consider some of the following custom fitting accessories to help your loader reach the truck or trailer in front of it:

  • Discharge extension kit
  • 360-degree rotational kit
  • Exhaust deflector
  • Replacement hose

Discharge Extension Kit

Discharge ExtensionIf your debris loader is a smaller, semi-pro model that you've mounted to your vehicle with a hanger kit, you might need to extend the reach of its discharge chute so that you can accurately deposit yard waste into your collection bin.

You can find extension kits to extend either the length or the height of your debris loader's discharge tube. Be sure to check the kit's compatibility; most are designed to work only with certain debris loaders.

360-Degree Rotational Kit

360 degree rotational kitSometimes the issue isn't having enough length or height for your debris loader to reach your trailer. It might be that you want more control over where the debris gets deposited.

Larger, skid-mounted debris loaders might come with discharge tubes that have 360-degree rotational necks. However, to get this feature on a smaller debris loader, you might need to buy an additional rotational kit.

Before you buy one, however, keep in mind that a rotational kit might not be compatible with an extension. Think about the feature you find helpful for getting the most from your debris loader!

Exhaust Deflector Kit

exhaust discharge chute deflectorFor even more control over your discharge chute (also known as an exhaust chute), you can add an optional exhaust deflector to aim the debris in an up-and-down motion. This deflector can be pivoted by hand to direct debris more accurately.

Replacement Hose

Replacement HoseShould you damage or lose your hose, you can find replacement hoses available. They're typically around 10 feet in length, but depending on the size you need, replacement hoses are available in different diameters.

The hose does not include the handle or hand extension, so you'll have to attach your existing handle from your original hose or contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Time Is Money (and Energy)

Don't HesitateWhether you're transferring it to a compost pile or dropping it off with waste management, you'll need some way to move the yard debris from the ground to your truck or trailer.

You can do it by hand, which will take a lot of time and energy; or you can use a debris truck loader to suck, mulch, and blow it into the truck or trailer you plan to use.

If you run a lawn service, time and energy are money. If you own a large property that needs constant upkeep, time and energy are hard to come by. Debris loaders make the final step of a lawn cleanup job much, much easier.

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Dale, the Leaf Blower Expert
Leaf Blower Expert
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