Single-Stage Assembly

While we can't cover the assembly process for all makes and models of snow blowers, this guide should help give you an idea of the assembly required for a single-stage snow blower.

Putting together a single-stage snow blower is relatively simple, but assembly may vary slightly across different manufacturers, makes, and models. 

If you have further questions or concerns about assembly, we suggest you reference your product manual or contact the manufacturer.


Install the Handle

Install the HandleMost commonly, the handle will be held to the frame of the snow thrower with bolts inserted through both the handle and the frame. There may be variations across different manufacturers, so refer to your manual for specifics.

Tighten the bolts until the handle is held tight against the frame, allowing for little to no movement between the two parts. 

You may also have to attach a small plastic handle to the recoil starter rope. This may not be required for all models.


Install the Discharge Chute

Adjust Discharge ChuteAlign the chute over the discharge hole and align the smaller holes around the base with the holes surrounding the discharge hole.

Insert the included bolts per your user manual and secure them in place with the included nuts, but do not over-tighten them. 

Again, refer to your user manual, as there may be slight variations regarding how to install your discharge chute.


Add Engine Oil

Change the OilWhen adding oil, be sure that the machine's on a level surface and use the oil your user manual specifies. Only add the recommended amount.

Once you've added the recommended amount of oil, let it settle for a few minutes and check the level with your dip stick. 

It should be above the "low" marking and just below or at the "full" marking. Do not exceed the "full" mark, as this will cause excess oil to burn off and produce foul-smelling exhaust fumes.


Adjust Your Control Cable

Adjust the CableThe control cable runs from the control handle down the side bar to the snow blower.

You need to maintain proper tension on this cable for it to function properly. To do this, find the spring cover on the cable and slide it up to expose the adjuster link.

Unhook the spring from the link, then move the Z-fitting higher or lower on the adjuster link to make the cable tighter or looser. 

The cable should have some slack when the control handle is decompressed. When it's compressed, there should only be enough room between the cable and bar to fit two pennies (2-3 mm).


Gas and Go to Clear Some Snow

Gas UpNow you're ready. Add fresh unleaded gas with an octane rating equal to or higher than 87.

Start the engine and let it run for a minute. Check your controls and give it a test run. Before the next time you use it, check the oil again to ensure it's at the proper level.

Additional installation steps may be required for some models with more features, so reference your user manual for more details.


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