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How to Adjust a Single-Stage Scraper Blade

If your single-stage snow blower is leaving strips of snow behind, it doesn't mean your snowblower needs to be replaced.

Instead, you can adjust or replace your scraper blade so that it makes full contact with the pavement.

The scraper bar, which is made of hardened rubber or plastic, is located underneath the snowblower, at the bottom of the auger housing.



What's the Purpose of a Scraper Bar?

As the paddles are softer and more malleable, they may not always remove the more stuck-on slush and snow that's frozen into the pavement.

The scraper bar's purpose is to scrape loose this dense layer of stuck-on snow and scoop it into the auger housing, like a shovel, where it can be thrown away by the paddles.


Why Do Scraper Bars Need to Be Replaced?

snowblower scraper bladeAs the bar's job is to constantly scrape pavement, it's destined to suffer wear and tear.

Once a few gouges and nicks are worn into the scraper blade, it'll no longer make full contact with the paved surface.

The worn parts of the bar will not scrape all the way to the pavement, which means small strips of the compacted snow will be left behind.

To remedy this problem, you can adjust the scraper blade by loosening the bolts and slightly pulling it down. This will position the scraper blade so that it makes more firm contact with the paved surface and clears the snow more efficiently.

Eventually, you'll need to purchase a replacement scraper blade, but it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a new snowblower.


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