Stop Packed Snow from Bogging You Down

How to Keep Your Snow Blower Chute from Clogging

By   |  Snow Blower Product Expert

Using a snow blower should make your life easier, particularly when it's operating in top-form.

A snow-clogged chute can really slow you down, especially when the snow is wet and heavy.

It can be frustrating and extremely dangerous unclogging your chute by hand.

Don't worry, though. You can keep your chute clear if you do two simple things:

Non-Stick Spray1. Use Non-Stick Spray
Snow Blower non-stick spray coats your snow blower chute and auger just like cooking spray.

Simply spray your chute and auger and let it dry. Then the snow literally slides right through without sticking or clogging.

2. Go Faster
Clean Snow ChuteBelieve it our not, your chute gets clogged because you're going too slow.

Think of a merry-go-round. The faster it spins; the further you fly off. Same goes with your snow blower.

If you physically cannot pick up the pace, you should consider getting a more powerful snow blower.


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