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By Jon Hoch
President of Power Equipment Direct
Howdy manufacturers! Jon Hoch, Founder of Power Equipment Direct, and today is Tuesday, March 17th. And most people know it as Saint Patrick's Day. But for us folks here at PED, it's actually a more important day than that, because today is the official day that the 2015 Mower Madness tournament actually starts. You can now start voting for your brand in Round 1 of Mower Madness, and get it to become the eventual 2015 Mower Madness champion, which is the most liked lawn mower brand in America. So this is a social media extravaganza that we're putting together, right? And there's fifty shades of gray - we got two shades of green, right? So what we want to do is, we want to get you involved, we want to get you participating in the Mower Madness. And let me give you some tips on how to help us out and how to help spread the word. Voting is now officially underway. And you'll notice that Brute is going against Pro Mow in Round One of the Blue Grass Division. And in most cases we have a lot of the logos. You might see an instance where your logo is missing. And if that's the case, like in the form of Wright, their logo is not on the poll. If you just want to send me an email at, and give us permission to use it. We'll put your logo up there. In addition to that, I will send you one of these beautiful t-shirts. Include your size and where to send it to. Get your t-shirt, get your logo up here, and everything's great. So the fine folks over at World Lawn actually gave us permission to use their logo. And as a result, I rewarded them with my vote. But in addition to that, I am amplifying my vote by using my Twitter link right here and just telling everybody that I voted for World Lawn over Wright in this round's tournament. Now, if you go to my Twitter account, you'll not know my few friends that I have. You'll notice that I picked World Lawn over Wright in Mower Madness. And right now, we're using the hash tag, hash tag, hash tag. We're using MowerMadness in our hash tag. And if you want to use your social media stuff and use that hash tag, I think it'll be a good way to do it. So here's what's gonna happen. Our social media accounts on Mowers Direct, we're using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and if you just follow us on those accounts, you'll see all kinds of Mower Madness stuff for the next few weeks, okay? The best thing about this is you don't really have to create anything. All you have to do is amplify our message by sharing it with your fans, and letting them know that it's available. And get them excited and engaged to do that. In addition to your social media fans, what I'd recommend too is to get your employees involved in this. So we will be emailing you anytime a new round of Mower Madness starts. And it starts every Tuesday and Friday. So every Tuesday and Friday, there's gonna be a new round of Mower Madness. You're gonna get an email, and all that you've gotta do is just forward that email internally to your staff, get them to sign in, get them to vote, and get them to participate in it. If you want to post things on your intranet site, or there's other internal forms of communicate to get your employees participating, I'd recommend doing that as well. So, today, Saint Patrick's Day. Log in, Mower Madness on Go ahead and vote. But more importantly, go out there and amplify your vote, tell people about it. Spread the message, and I hope you guys all proceed and do a fantastic job of winning all of these different rounds, and eventually becoming the 2015 Mower Madness champion. Oh man! That's so exciting. So thanks for watching, and have a great day.
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