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Walk-Behind Mowers

Ideal for homeowners with small to mid-sized yards, the walk-behind lawn mower is a tried and true solution to taming your lawn. Walk-behind push mowers have, however, come a long way from your grandpa's clunker. Available in a wide range of styles sporting various transmissions, deck widths, and special features, how do you know which walk lawn mower is right for you? For starters, walk-behind lawn mowers are generally broken out into three categories.

Categories of Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Reel Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
The reel lawn mower is an age-old design, which provides a precise, scissor-like cut that leaves your grass looking golf course perfect. Though this style lawn mower isn't for everyone, they are perfect for homeowners with smaller yards looking to one-up their neighbor's lawn game. Available in manual and now, gas-powered, there are quite a few options to choose from. To explore what's available, check out our full line-up of Reel Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Electric Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
Electric lawn mowers are a great solution for those looking for a practical, straightforward means of mowing their lawn. With virtually no maintenance required and battery lives that go the distance, electric lawn mowers have advanced quite a bit compared to their earlier predecessors. Ready to ditch the gas can and electrify your lawn mowing routine? Check out wide array of Electric Push Mowers today!

Gas Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
The gas-powered walk-behind lawn mower is one we are all familiar with - they're the soundtrack of the suburbs. A popular option among suburbanites everywhere, the walk-behind gas lawn mower provides the power you desire to slash through the thick, wet stuff without blinking. With options such as self-propelled drives and electric start, there is a walk-behind push mower for everyone. To explore your options, shop our Gas-Powered Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers.

So, whether this is your first walk-behind mower, you're replacing an old one, or maybe just trying to get some extra steps in while cutting your grass, check out our Walk-Behind Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide and Best-Selling & Top-Rated Walk-Behind Mowers List to find a walk-behind lawn mower best-suited for you.