eComfort Launches HVAC Filter Subscription Program

eComfort Launches HVAC Filter Subscription Program

Subscription Delivers Regular Filter Shipments to Homeowners' Doors

BOLINGBROOK, IL (July 10, 2019) - eComfort’s new filter subscription program promises homeowners an easy way to replace their HVAC filter and enjoy high indoor air quality year-round.


Subscribers will receive regular filter shipments straight to their home when it’s time to replace their old filter. “Our filter subscription program makes it easy for homeowners to change their furnace filters on a regular basis and breathe better at home,” said Phil Covington, Category Manager at eComfort.


When subscribing online at or over the phone, homeowners select the following:

  1. Filter Size: The filter’s physical dimensions (length x width x height).
  2. Filter Quality: The filter’s effectiveness at capturing airborne particles based on MERV rating. Higher MERV ratings translate into higher capture rates.
  3. Filter Quantity: The number of filters with each shipment.
  4. Filter Frequency: How often new shipments will arrive.

Breathe Easy With eComfort


“We take the burden of remembering to change furnace filters off homeowners’ shoulders,” said Covington. “We also offer live expert support and educational content to help them choose the perfect filters for their home.”


Furnace filters are primarily used for protecting a home’s expensive HVAC equipment from air particles that would otherwise fly in, decrease efficiency, and cause permanent damage. Their other major use is to remove harmful particles from the home’s breathable air, such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and even some bacteria.


When choosing a furnace filter, homeowners need to take both uses into account. A lower-grade filter will be effective for protecting the HVAC system, but less effective at filtering out smaller particles, and it needs to be replaced at least once per month. On the other hand, a higher-grade filter will capture more particles and last up to 90 days but could restrict airflow to the HVAC system.


To choose the right filter, homeowners can view eComfort’s HVAC filter guide or call to speak with live, U.S.-based experts that will take each home’s unique air quality needs into account when making a recommendation.

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