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ProMow PRO5 - Pro Series Gang Reel Finish Mower (5 Reels) for sale.

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ProMow Pro Series Gang Reel Finish Mower (5 Reels)

ProMow Power Equipment and Accessories
Model: PRO5
(Based on expert analysis, manufacturer ratings and customer reviews)
1.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 5
2 Reviews
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Mid Grade Lawn Mowers
Five Reel Gang Mowers
Surface Area
Office Building, Farm, or Parks
Flat Terrain

Cutting Inches
Golf Course Quality Cut For The Average Lawn
Finish cut reel mowers provide a groomed, professional look
Scissors cut reduces moisture loss, promotes healthy turf

Requires 10HP To Use- Pull With ATV Or Lawn Tractor
Environmentally responsible- saves fuel costs, no bagging

Mows 3 Acres Per Hour; Easy To Manuever
Effective for mowing grass up to 4 inches in length
Saves time with 82" cutting path; 4 MPH top speed
Full flex, zero turn & reverse ability allows for uneven terrain

Sturdy And Well Built For Years Of Service
Five 18" ball bearing reels with 5 blades each
Strong, patented 1 1/2" tubular, powder coated steel frame

Easy, Do It Yourself Maintenance
Easy to assemble; cutting height adjusts from 1.5" to 2.5"
Sharpening kit available; lubricate with a light oil (like WD-40)
Permanent gang, can not add more heads

Cutting Width
82 Inches
Cutting Height
1.5-2.5 Inches
Made in USA
Assembly Required
223 Pounds
Product Length
61 Inches
Product Width
40 Inches
Product Height
29 Inches
Consumer Warranty
1 Year
Commercial Warranty
1 Year
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  5 Questions
Q: Jose - how deep of grass will one of these Pro Mow reel mower mow?
by Dave from Illinois on June 17, 2013

A: Dave - For the most part, a Pro Mow gang reel mower will handle grass up to 4" long. If it's higher than that the reels have a tendency to push the grass over rather than cut it. We also recommend that, if it gets to that height, to go over it with a rotary and get it back down to a manageable state that the reels can handle.
Thicker, hearty grasses like Bermuda and Bahia should be cut often and smaller amounts taken off at a time. Ideally you never want to take more than 1/3 of the total length at one time. This will keep the grass healthier but may require more frequent mowing.

by Jose, Product Expert

Q: I cut 5 acres that is mostly hilly. I now cut it with a 50" zero-turn. Grass is junk, crabgrass, dallas grass fescue, onions, you name it. How will this mower do on this stuff?
by Tony Cooper from Tennessee on February 18, 2013

A: Tony - all of the gang reel mowers that we sell, including the ProMow gang reel mowers, are NOT designed to mow crabgrass, fescue and other weed-like vegetation. These are finish type mowers intended to cut large expanses of normal lawn-type grass that is mowed regularly. This type of mower will not be effective at all on what you are describing.
by Jose, Product Expert

Q: I have about 17 acres to cut. Most of it is thick grass and weeds. Do you think this unit will work for me? Right now I am using a 60" trail mower made by Swisher.
by Willie Mobley from North Carolina on October 09, 2012

A: Willie - a gang reel mower such as the Pro-Mow definitely will NOT work for what you are describing. Gang reel mowers are finish type mowers that are effective for mowing large areas of maintained grass. This will do a very poor job of mowing thick grass and weeds. The Swisher trail mower that you are using now is the style of mower that is really designed to handle what you need to cut.
by Jose, Product Expert

Q: Todd I have 5 acres flat what will I need to pull it with will a 4 wheeler pull the gang mower. Also what is the difference in a finish mower and a non finish mower.
by David Perry from Arkansas on July 31, 2011

A: David - you can tow a Pro Mow gang reel mower with an ATV or a lawn and garden tractor. Engine should be at least 17hp or greater. A finishing mower (like these) is used to cut grass only. This mower will cut similar to a walk behind mower. A finishing mower will NOT handle weeds, brush or any other heavy vegetation.
by Jose, Product Expert

Q: Is the frame on the promow pro gang 5 reel mower the same as the gold? I'm considering trying the pro and if I decide to upgrade later on I can put in the gold reels. I understand that the reels are 21" for the gold vs 18" (I think) for the pro. (I submitted an email earlier this morning asking about the pro...this is just a follow up).
by Steve from Vermont on July 24, 2011

A: Steve - answering both of your questions. For a 3 acre + property that is fairly flat, and all you want to do is normal mowing, then the Pro series 5-reel mower is plenty of mower for your space. You really can't "upgrade" the Pro to a Gold down the road. The two mowers have totally different frames, and the 21" wide Gold series mower heads will not fit on the Pro series frame, which is designed for the smaller 18" mower heads. The main advantage to the Gold series is that you will get a wider cutting path (82" for the Pro compared to 97" on the Gold) and a wider range of cutting height adjustments on the Gold model. Not sure if that's worth the extra $1700 bucks to you or not. I think the Pro 5-reel will be more than enough mower for you.
by Jose, Product Expert

ProMow PRO5 Reviews & Ratings
Overall Rating
1.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 51.5 out of 5
Easy To Store (1)
Easy To Use (1)
None (1)
Durability (2)
Unreliable (2)
Low Quality (2)
0% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend
2 Reviews  Sort by 
Karen D.
Fort Madison, IA
Total Helpful Votes
29 Helpful Votes
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
A Lot Of Money For A Piece Of Junk!!
The 3rd time I used the mower the wheel fell off, 2 weeks later a reel stopped turning, 2 weeks after that another reel stopped turning. I took it apart and #12 pinion gear was worn, woodruff key wore down, and at least 5 pinion gears were bad. Have attempted to get some follow up customer service and the only recommendation is that I pay some more money to purchase upgrade, means more money for shipping as well. Extremely dissatisfied and irritated about the whole situation. Spent $1287 on... more
Pros: None
Cons: Low Quality, Unreliable, Durability
Karen Does Not Recommend This Mower
Was this review helpful?
Dennis M.
Fort Madison, IA
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 6/3/13
Total Helpful Votes
26 Helpful Votes
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
5 Reel Gang Mower
I have used the mower three times. It does not cut the grass as advertised. I have to mow two or three times to cut the grass and it is still not cut well. During the third time of mowing the wheel fell off. I am very disappointed with this mower.
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Store
Cons: Low Quality, Unreliable, Durability
Dennis Does Not Recommend This Mower
Jose, the Lawn Mower Expert
Product Expert

We are sorry you are unhappy with the Pro Mow gang reel mower you purchased. This may be something which can be looked into in the issues you are having. Either ourselves or ProMow may be able to offer a solution. A new wheel should and would not be a problem either.

In some cases with any reel mower, the terrain can play a role. This could be due to terrain, but it could also be due to the reels themselves. We would be happy to talk to you about this if you would like to give us a call.
Was this review helpful?

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