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Introducing the Best Air Compressors of 2019

Introducing the Best Air Compressors of 2019

Air Compressors Direct Reveals the Best Air Compressors of the Year

BOLINGBROOK, IL (April 30, 2019) - Air Compressors Direct has revealed their highly anticipated list of rankings and reviews for the Best Air Compressors of 2019. Air Compressors Direct helps make it easy for shoppers to determine how to pick the perfect air compressor, whatever their needs are.

The industry-leading site currently lists more than 1,770 air compressor models and has published over 4,700 compressor reviews from actual customers.

Air Compressors Direct uses an advanced algorithm to generate precise grades for all of the compressors on the site. Online shoppers also enjoy real-time updates through comprehensive lists of the highest-rated air compressors on the market today.

“There are so many air compressor options available these days, it's easy for the average homeowner, or even a commercial user, to get overwhelmed by their options,” exclaimed Gabrielle Framke, product expert at Air Compressors Direct. “That's why I'm here, and why I love our site so much: we make buying these technical products simple.”

According to Framke, Air Compressors Direct's lists are the best source for air compressor rankings for three distinct reasons:

1. Three "Best of" Lists for Each Category
Air Compressors Direct publishes three separate lists for each type of air compressor. Site visitors can sort air compressors according to how well a product sells (best-selling), how favorably consumers review a product (top-rated), or models that experts recommend based on testing and consistent customer feedback.

The company has created customized lists for each style of air compressor, ranging from small portable reciprocating compressors to commercial-grade rotary screw compressors.

2. Real-Time Updates
Air Compressors Direct's "best-seller" lists are updated in real-time, unlike other sites on the internet where stats are only updated once a year. This way, shoppers will always see a current list of what's popular in 2019, and not have to worry about products that are outdated or have since been discontinued.

“Air compressor technology and designs are always evolving,” marveled Framke, who works with the leading air compressor manufacturers.

“It’s amazing how fast the technology can be improved and changed. I'm seeing compressor innovations that incorporate biomechanics that allow compressors to be so quiet you can hold a conversation next to it, which would have been unheard of years ago. And don't even get me started on variable speed drive technology,” Gabrielle said with a grin.

3. Free Access
The company's goal is to educate shoppers with free information and doesn't require visitors to sign up or subscribe to access.

“Researching an air compressor can be like researching the transmission for a race car," Framke said. "There are so many opinions out there, so you really need an industry expert to guide you through the process. What’s good for you may not be the best for someone else. We lay out all of the important information in an easy-to-understand way and that's what our customers value the most.”

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