Get HVAC Equipment Delivered and Installed On-Demand

Get HVAC Equipment Delivered and Installed On-Demand

eComfort and Homee Partner to Bring Floridians Hassle-Free HVAC Service

BOLINGBROOK, IL (February 27, 2019) - Florida residents can now get their heating and cooling equipment installed with the tap of a finger when buying from eComfort.

The online retailer’s new installation program uses the Homee app to send a certified HVAC contractor to customers' homes within one hour for an inspection and to schedule an installation.

The installation package includes a $1,000 Quality Guarantee, which the customer wouldn't necessarily receive if they were to hire their own contractor for the job instead of opting for the package.

“By handling the HVAC installation process from A to Z, Homee takes the burden of finding and vetting the right contractor off the customer’s shoulders,” explains Konrad Witek, Director of Customer Solutions at eComfort. “Furthermore, the labor warranty offers peace of mind that the job will be done right.”

The Homee installation process works as follows:
  1. The customer purchases their replacement HVAC equipment on the eComfort website.
  2. During checkout, the customer adds professional installation to their order.
  3. The customer downloads the Homee App and requests that an HVAC professional visit their home for a free inspection once they receive their equipment.
  4. The professional arrives, typically within one hour, to verify that the purchased equipment fits with the installation site and meets local code. If no issues are found, the professional schedules and completes the installation.
Homee rigorously vets each contractor in its network to ensure that only qualified professionals are sent to customers’ homes. Installers are reviewed after each job, and customers can check their experience level and customer ratings in the Homee App.

"Homee removes any guesswork from having your new HVAC investment installed," says Bob Dressler, licensed HVAC installer and product expert at eComfort. "The installation is conducted by professionals who specialize in the equipment and will ensure it performs as designed."

Homee is a nationwide provider of on-demand HVAC and maintenance service solutions. It has partnered with eComfort to provide on-demand installation solutions to homeowners.

For more information on the eComfort installation program, powered by Homee, visit the Homee installation guide.

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