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The Generac ix2000 - 2000 watt portable inverter generator has been discontinued and is not available for purchase at this time.


Generac iX2000 - 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Generac Power Equipment and Accessories
Model: 5793
(Based on expert analysis, manufacturer ratings and customer reviews)
3.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 5
59 Reviews
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Product Discontinued Product Discontinued
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Run Watts
Rated Watts
Surge Watts
Starting Watts

Product Video Disclaimer: "PED is not responsible for any variances from the product in this video and the item you purchase. Please review all product specs prior to purchase."

Inverter Technology
Provides safe power for computers & sensitive electronics

2,200 Max Starting Watts
Rated at 2000 watts for continuous operation

Compact Size, Weighs Only 49.6 Lbs.
Up to 40% lighter than a standard generator of equal watts
Built-In handle makes this inverter easy to carry

Fully Enclosed Case
Designed for quiet operation

FlexPower™ Provides For 2 Modes Of Operation
High mode for large loads or battery charging
Eco mode to save fuel and reduce noise

Electronic Overload Protection
Provides circuit breaker protection to protect your electronics

Low-Oil Shutdown
Prevents possible engine damage

DC Outlet & LED Lights
12V outlet for charging batteries - cables included
Provides at-a-glance status right on the control panel

Non-CARB Compliant - Not For Sale In CA
Engine Brand
Starting System
Recoil Start
126 CC
Consumer Engine Warranty
2 Years
Commercial Engine Warranty
1 Year
Low Oil Alert/Shutdown
Cast Iron Sleeve
Product Specs
120 Single-Phase
60 Hertz
Auto Voltage Regulation
Surge Watts
2200 Watts
Rated Watts
2000 Watts
Fuel Type
Rated Amps
17 @ 120 Volts (Single Phase) Amps
Tank Size
1 Gallon
Run Time @ 50% Load
4.9 Hours
Fuel Tank Material
Fuel Gauge
Idle Control
Hour Meter
Voltage Meter
Lifting Eye
12-Amp DC
NEMA 5-20R - Wall-Type
Made in USA
49.6 Pounds
Product Length
22 Inches
Product Width
12 Inches
Product Height
18 Inches
Consumer Warranty
2 Years
Commercial Warranty
1 Year
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12-Amp DC
NEMA 5-20R (Wall-Type)

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  11 Questions
Q: I have the ix2000 model generator and I am trying to power a 6500BTU AC (5.7amps, 607watts) it will not allow the compressor to kick on on Eco speed or full speed. Why not? I understand that you have to multiply the wattage by 3 for AC so that would be 1821watts and its still not working. Why?
by Eric Herbaut from Tennessee on May 01, 2012

A: Multiplying the wattage by 3 does not indicate the true starting load as it can be 3 - 5 times higher depending on the size of the compressor motor used.

To properly calculate the starting wattage you would need to find out the locked rotor amps (LRA) on the compressor unit and then use the following formula to calculate the starting watts.

Starting Amps x Volts = Watts

It definitely sounds like the starting amps for the compressor is very high, too much for the generator to handle.

Typically small 2000 watt generators are not used to power AC units.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Can it run a side by side fridge freeze?

by John Paolino from New Jersey on August 28, 2011

A: In most cases, yes. However, it depends on your exact fridge.

If you have a really big one or a really old energy inefficient fridge, it might have a little trouble.

This model is primarily designed for camping or tailgating.

If you want a generator for home backup, we recommend starting at 5,000 watt emergency grade.

They're about the same price and power much more.
Medium Emergency Portable Generators
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: At what amp level does the charger feature operate?, also for the 1600?

by Dan Smith from Mississippi on April 24, 2011

A: The iX2000 is 5A and the iX1600 is also 5A.

by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Is there an LP/Multi-fuel version available
by David Dahl from Texas on March 26, 2011

A: Generac only offers a Gasoline version and any conversions to the original engineering will void the manufacturers warranty.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Can this generator be used with another similar generator plugged into each other for more power, Or paralleled together?
by Eve Clark from Arizona on March 03, 2011

A: The Generac iX2000 does not have the connection ports to parallel to another Generac iX2000 generator.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Will the Generac iX2000 have any problems running a circular saw or table saw or a reciprocating saw that range from 13amp to 15amp. I know not together but one at a time?
by Mel Boone from Pennsylvania on February 13, 2011

A: You will have to find out the starting amp load because it will be higher then the running amp load. Then you can calculate the starting watts by using the following formula - Starting Amps x Volts = Watts. Now you will be able to determine the proper size generator for your needs. Note: Rule of thumb is to size the generator to 80% of the running capacity to allow the unit to have the flexibility when large loads kick in.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Can the Generac iX2000 be connected with another iX2000 to increase power output?
by Mike from Utah on February 09, 2011

A: This particular model is not compatible with the parallel cords. In order to do something like this, you would need a Honda model.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Thanks for answering the noise related question, but since you sell nothing but generators, why don't you do a noise level test?
by Erik from Utah on January 25, 2011

A: We are a distributor and not a testing facility so we rely on manufacturers to publish sound output levels. Since there are many methods used to equate sound pressure effects on the human ear (range, weighting scale, tonal quality & at various load levels) some manufactures simply do not line list their ratings for fear of being compared to another manufacturer who tests differently. Generally speaking, inverter generators are the quietest choice a person has in the 1-3kW size range and they all typically range from 58-64dB(A). Conventional, fixed speed portable generators are generally between 68-75dB(A). If you are looking for a quieter generator, you can't go wrong with an inverter style.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: Can the generac ix2000 be hooked together with another ix2000 to increase to 4000 watts? There other models like Honda and Kipor that can be.
by Ken Kercher from Wyoming on January 23, 2011

A: The Generac inverter generators cannot be paralleled together. There is no connection on the unit to do this.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: What is the noise level of the Generac IX2000? Why don't they list this info in the owners manual?
by Fletcher Pastore from Virginia on January 23, 2011

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, Generac, like many other generator manufacturers, do not publish the decibel ratings for their generators. This unit does come equipped with a Low Tone Muffler and the internal components are enclosed for Quiet Operation but I do not have a decibel number to give you. Currently, there are no industry standards or requirements for generator manufacturers to follow when testing their generators for noise. Due to this, manufacturers can test the noise level under any conditions they choose and, therefore, the results are not very reliable as each company will test under conditions that are favorable to their products.
by Mike, Product Expert

Q: DO you have the adapter cable to connect the 12VDC output on generac 2000W portable generators?
by Joel Corrente from New Hampshire on January 23, 2011

A: The unit comes with the 12VDC cable to charge batteries. (Alligator clip style)
by Mike, Product Expert

Generac 5793 Reviews & Ratings
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3.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 5
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Light Weight (2)
Easy To Use (1)
Low Quality (3)
Durability (2)
I Hate It (1)
Unreliable (1)
17% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend
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manufacturers review image

Brian Sun
Product Manager
From The Manufacturer
New And Improved, Generac Portable Inverters
In an effort to strive for continuous improvement and providing quality products, the following changes were made to the iX Series portable generators. A primary goal for this recent project was to meet 2012 EPA emissions requirements and improve start-up process and overall performance.

- A steel fuel tank tooled with internal ROV tube to comply with evaporative emissions which included a ratcheting, tethered fuel cap and a fuel fill mark in the fuel neck screen.

- A catalytic converter... more
Was this review helpful?
Mike G.
St. Joseph, MI
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 11/18/11
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
Most Helpful Critical Review
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Won't Reset
Bought this is 2011. Its' always been a little hard to start cold, harder than any other power equipment I've owned. I used it 2-3x for a total of maybe 6-8 hours including at least 2x a year with a load on it. I went t0 start it to run out of fuel since we're moving and the "red light of death" is on. It won't reset. Looks like the inverter failed.

Since it's well out of warranty, I'll probably just tear it apart myself and see if I can troubleshoot it. If I'm lucky it's... more
Mike Does Not Recommend This Product
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
We are sorry to learn of the issues that you are currently experiencing with your portable inverter generator. Please know that per the unit's owner's manual, the unit may be unable to start if the fuel tank isn't filled properly, the fuel provided to the unit is stale, the fuel valve is turned OFF, the unit's spark plug requires replacement, the fuel filter is plugged, or the engine stop switch is stuck (which would require a replacement). Considering this, we would recommend checking to ensure that the unit is properly filled with fresh fuel, the fuel valve is turned ON, the spark plug does not require replacement, and that the fuel filter is clean and the engine stop switch is functioning properly. If you are able to perform all of the aforementioned tasks and issues persist, we would then recommend contacting an independent authorized service provider in your local area for any additional diagnostic or servicing work that may be required. To locate an independent authorized service provider closest to you, use your postal code for searching purposes via the following link: Moreover, if you would like to discuss your experience with us in further detail, or if you have any other product-related comments, questions or concerns, please know that we can be reached 24/7 at 888-GENERAC (436-3722). We do apologize for any frustration that may have stemmed from your personal experience.
Was this review helpful?
Leo C
Pasadena, TX
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Makes An Excellent Boat Anchor
To start with , the generac local repair center here in Pasadena Tx has an very good service dept. The tech there has gone the extra mile in helping me resolve the ignition issue that I an currently experiencing .

I purchased ix 2000 about 3 years ago and to date has less than 50 hrs. running time on it . In that time I have had to remove and clean the carb about 5 times even tho I used a fuel stabilizer and it was started when it would sit for 2 weeks or more. Now the unit has ignition... more
Leo Does Not Recommend This Product
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
We are sorry to learn of the issue that you are currently experiencing with your personal unit. We are pleased to know, however, that you are working with an independent authorized service provider in your local area, as these trained professionals should be able to provide any diagnostic or servicing work that your personal unit may require. If you would like to discuss your experience in further detail, or if you have any questions about your product's warranty, do not hesitate to contact us directly at 888-GENERAC (436-3722); we are available 24/7.
Was this review helpful?
Wes D.
Conyers, GA
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 4/5/11
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Street Outreach
I had been hoping for an inverter generator for some time, to replace the ridiculously noisy standard type generator we already had. The old one was wildly noisy and a BEAST to handle, especially by myself.

My needs for an inverter generator was for an outreach ministry that make effort to assist people in dire need in life. We assist homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes and in general anyone else trying to better their lives. All to often, a standard generator just wasn't practical simply... more
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Was this review helpful?
Dixon, IL
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Great Buy
I bought my ix2000 from a local farm and fleet for use around the job site and as a back up to run my sump pump. I love this generator. I looked around the internet and found a lot of bad reviews on this generator but it works great for me.

In the picture it was running a 500 watt shop light, a 3.5 peak horse power craftsman vacuum, and at times an angle grinder and it didn't even struggle. The generator starts on the first pull every time, even in 35 degree weather.

Some tips i can say... more
View Image
Was this review helpful?
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 12/8/10
Total Reviews
3 Reviews
Total Helpful Votes
18 Helpful Votes
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
I Initially Gave A Good Rating
I see it has been discontinued and for good reason. Something broke or came loose in the crank case. Rattled for a while before it locked up. I suspect it was a bolt on the rod cap. Generator is ruined. I did got about 45 hours out of it. This scarred my image of Generac forever.
Pros: Price
Cons: Low Quality, Durability
Harley Does Not Recommend This Product
Was this review helpful?
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 7/1/12
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Good Value- Not A Honda But Not As Expensive Either
Ordered this generator after the 2012 "Derecho" storm in the eastern states. Power had already been restored but we decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a generator for those occasional outages (we have occasional ice storms and some pretty heavy blizzards here in southern West Virginia). Because we also want to have the option of using the generator for camping, and have very few actual "needs" for our home during an outage, we went with the portable, 2kw Generac... more
Was this review helpful?
Pittsburgh, PA
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 12/5/10
Total Reviews
6 Reviews
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
There Are Two Models Of This Generator
Perhaps because the revised version of this generator has an improved electric section, a steel fuel tank, now that this generator has been revised anyone writing a review should indicate what revision they have, such as, "ORIGINAL design with plastic fuel tank, or REVISED design with the steel gas tank and improved electric section.
Pros: Price, Light Weight
Cons: Low Quality
Jim Recommends This Generac Product
Was this review helpful?
Kenneth H.
Cowen, WV
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Second One Both Bad
I purchased the first one and it went out the first week of camping. Took it back and they gave me a second one. Camped the rest of the week with it and it went out. they had me send it out for repair. When it came back they charged me 40 dollars and it lasted one weekend and is out again. I would not buy another one or tell a friend to buy one.

They will start and run a little but just hit and wont speed up also the pull cord will pull out and not go back in.
Pros: Easy To Use, Price, Light Weight
Cons: Low Quality, Unreliable, Durability, I Hate It
Kenneth Does Not Recommend This Product
Was this review helpful?
Ray B.
Seymour, CT
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 8/21/12
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Purchased generator, doesn't work as good as my Honda 2000 which has less starting power! Outlet plugs broke 1st time I used them.
Was this review helpful?
James Davis
Rocky Point, NC
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 8/26/10
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Sick To My Stomach
I paid over $500 dollars for generator that will a run a lamp. I purchased the generator to run one small 110 air conditioner in my truck camper, and it won't even do that.
Mike, the Generator Expert
Product Expert
We have had other customers use this generator to run their truck camper air conditioners with no problem, so we suggest you give the folks at Generac Tech Support a call at (888) 436-3722.

They will be happy to help you get the best performance from your generator.

The hardest part of running an air conditioner is getting it started. You will want to make sure your Flex Power is set to High for the power you need. Leaving it in the Eco (fuel conserving) setting may not get the job done.
Was this review helpful?

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