Farmer Wins $500 for Litter Vacuum Review

Farmer Wins $500 for Litter Vacuum Review

Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum Review

BOLINGBROOK, IL (September 17, 2019) - A New Mexico farm and ranch owner will enjoy a bountiful harvest this fall after winning $500 in the Leaf Blowers Direct video review contest.

Six times per year, Power Equipment Direct (PED) holds a video review competition for its 14 niche websites. Customers are invited to post honest and informative product reviews on YouTube for a chance to win $500.

These reviews then are featured on the company website, where they help other shoppers by demonstrating the product’s use in real-world settings.

The latest winner is Andy S. of Tucumcari, New Mexico, who provided a video review of his new Billy Goat lawn and litter vacuum.

“We loved that Andy demonstrated all the different functions of this Billy Goat vacuum by vacuuming leaves, putting branches in the chipper, and using the optional hose attachment,” said Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at Leaf Blowers Direct.

“His video really showcases just how useful this product is for a large property like his,” Vogelsanger explained. “We also enjoyed seeing his daughter demonstrate how to use the chipper. It’s great to teach family members how to be safe around power equipment!”

Leaf Blowers Direct reached out to Andy for comment after he submitted his video.

“The Billy Goat Vacuum has been wonderful to use,” Andy said. “I remember as a boy I would always help my Dad run the chipper shredder and make wonderful compost. I wanted to carry on the tradition but using the vacuum has made that chore much easier.”

Andy also gave his experience shopping a glowing review. “Power Equipment Direct is a great way to purchase power equipment, especially in my rural location,” he explained.

“To buy a Billy Goat Vacuum, I would have to drive over 100 miles to find a store that carries this brand. [With PED] I can click the mouse, scroll a bit, and have great service at a fair price. In a very short time, the machine is delivered and I’m out working.”

Keep an eye on Leaf Blowers Direct for updates, or learn how to submit your review.

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