Gas-Powered Log Splitter Buyer's Guide

Gas-Powered Log Splitter Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Gas Wood Splitter

Think about it. An axe and a log splitter both split wood. One just does it faster.

The same goes for gas-powered log splitters.

Naturally, the higher grade machines split wood much faster.

We classify gas-powered splitters into three grades:

  • Consumer
  • Prosumer
  • Professional
Consumers Prosumers Professional
Generac Consumer Log Splitter Yardmax Prosumer Log Splitter Wallenstein Professional Log Splitter
Force: 7-30 Tons 20-37 Tons 25-37 Tons
Log Length: 18-26" 24-36" 24-48"
Roadway Towing: Some Models Most Models All Models


Consumer-Grade Gas Log Splitters

Champion Consumer Log SplitterConsumer-grade, gas-powered log splitters are ideal for the weekend warrior, who occasionally splits logs for personal use.

With 8-16 tons of force, they are stronger than most electric log splitters and can split logs up to 21" long.

In the past, many consumer-grade models lacked the strength to split super-sized logs and so couldn't be positioned vertically. You had to physically lift each log onto the splitter bed before splitting it.

These days, you'll find many horizontal/vertical log splitters available at a consumer-friendly price.

Smaller gas log splitters can only be towed in your yard by an ATV or golf cart. They are not allowed on public roads.


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Prosumer-Grade Gas Log Splitters

Prosumer Gas Log SplitterIf you split logs multiple times a year, we recommend upgrading to a faster and more durable prosumer-grade model.

They feature more powerful engines, producing 20-29 tons of force capable of splitting longer, wider and harder logs. 

To take the strain out of lifting larger logs, the horizontal beam on prosumer-grade models can be switched to a vertical position so you can roll big logs under the wedge without having to lift them.

Most prosumer-grade models can be towed directly to your woodpile - as long as you take the back roads. Log splitters are never designed for high speeds on the expressway.


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Professional-Grade Gas Log Splitters

Professional-Grade Gas Log SplittersA true log splitting professional recognizes that quality doesn't come cheap.

If you split logs for a living, you don't need a wimpy wood splitter. You need a speed demon. After all, time is money.

Professional-grade log splitters are nearly identical to prosumer-grade models. They just feature more powerful - and more expensive - engines designed to boost the force well beyond 30 tons.

Both grades can split logs up to 26 inches long. The professional-grade version literally rams through them faster, turning trees into cold hard cash even quicker.


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