Splitting Styles

Splitting Styles

How to Pick the Perfect Log Splitter Style

Firewood heats you twice: once when you cut it and again when you burn it.

But if you want to take the sweat and strain out of building your wood pile, get a log splitter.

To make your shopping experience easier, we've divided our log splitters into four unique styles.

If you pick your style first, the selections will narrow and your decision will be much easier.

Electric Gas 3-Point Skid Steer Kinetic
Boss Electric Log Splitter Brave Gas-Powered Log Splitter Iron & Oak 3-Point Log Splitter Wallenstein Skid Steer Log Splitter PowerKing Kinetic Log Splitter

4-20 Tons 7-37 Tons 13-31 Tons 20-31 Tons


Power Type: Motor Gas Engine Tractor PTO Skid Steer Motor;
Gas Engine
Cycle Time: 7-25
Based on
Log Length:
24" 48" 48" 36"
(larger for
cone style)
Towable: Select
Yes Yes Yes Select


Electric Log Splitters

Electric Log SplitterMost electric log splitters are powerful enough to split small quantities of mid-sized logs without breaking your back or the bank. Plus, these lightweight log splitters can be easily transported from your backyard bar-b-que to your cabin or campsite.

Larger electric log splitters can split as much wood as a gasoline unit, without the fumes and noise. Yes, you're tethered to an electric power cord. So, don't bother bringing an electric log splitter to a remote area without electricity.


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Gas Log Splitters

Gas-Powered Log SplitterGasoline-powered log splitters are the most popular choice for folks who burn wood regularly.

Larger units have the option of splitting horizontally and vertically, saving your back as you turn big logs into firewood.

How much wood you want to split, and how quickly you want to work will determine which unit is right for you.


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Three-Point Log Splitters

3-Point Log SplitterThat tractor in your barn doesn't have to sit idle during the fall and winter months.

Make the most of the power you already own by adding a 3-point or PTO log splitter. Your tractor easily hauls the splitter to where the wood is, even over rough terrain.

Or, bring the logs to the tractor so you can work close to the woodpile and coffee pot.


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Skid Steer Log Splitters

Skid Steer Log SplitterThe trees you cleared with your Bobcat or other brand skid steer are easily turned into cash with a skid steer log splitter.

Options include controlling the splitter while standing next to it, or staying in the cab and moving from log to log, splitting as you go.

Choosing the best splitter for your needs will make the most of your skid steer investment.


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Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic Log SplitterA special mention goes to a completely different type of log splitter: the kinetic log splitter (also called the flywheel log splitter).

With the exception of drill-style skid steer splitters, the other splitter styles listed above use a hydraulic pump system to power the splitting ram.

Kinetic wood splitters work differently. They use heavy flywheels to convert the energy from a motor or engine into sheer splitting speed. As a result, kinetic splitters operate more quickly and have much lower cycle times than hydraulic log splitters.

Many kinetic log splitters are gas-powered units, but you can find some that are powered by electric motors. In either case, you can count on purchasing a fast-moving, low-maintenance piece of equipment to split your wood.


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