Spring Rototilling Tips

How to Till a Garden in Springtime

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Whether you're tired of paying for fruits and vegetables or you want to revamp your flower bed, spring tilling will make your garden a success.

Breaking ground and cultivating soil in the spring will loosen and enrich your garden so your new plants' roots have what they need to thrive.

Before you begin however, take note of these few spring tilling tips you'll want to consider.

Creating a New Garden

mixing amendments
Feeding Your New Garden
Be sure to add some amendments such as sand, compost, lime, shredded leaves, and fertilizer mixes.

Churn them into the dirt to help feed your plants and retain proper moisture levels.

Removing Rubbish
While cultivating, you may find bottle caps, large rocks, and coins. Remove these items from the soil. Items like these can restrict root growth.

Front Tine Tillers
Front tine tillers can break and loosen soil while mixing in amendments, yet they're also more maneuverable in tight spaces than rear-tine tillers.

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Rear Tine Tillers
Rear tine tillers are the most efficient for creating new gardens. They're also great for annually breaking up and cultivating large gardens or those with significantly hard soil.

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Revamping Your Existing Garden

Tilling a Garden
Replenishing Your Garden
If you covered your garden with leaf mulch last fall, mixing it in will produce more nutrients in the soil.

However, it's better to mix in multiple amendments. You can use sand, compost, lime, shredded leaves, and fertilizer mixes.

Cultivators are the lightest and most maneuverable tool for stirring and mixing loose garden soil, but aren't ideal for breaking into compacted dirt at the beginning of the season.

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Front Tine Tillers
Front tine tillers may not be meant for cultivating, but they are capable of it should you have a large garden or tough, rocky soil that requires more than a cultivator.

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