The Path to a Cleaner Driveway

The Path to a Cleaner Driveway

How to Clear Snow From Driveways

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

Your snowblower will move snow with ease, but if you're not maneuvering it in the right fashion, you may find yourself clearing the same area twice.


We know it's better to work smart than it is to work hard, and there's nothing more frustrating than having to make a second pass when cleaning large areas. By following four simple tips, you can be sure to clear snow faster and more efficiently.


1. Choose Your Snow Blower

There are many types of snowblowers to choose from, and each type will clear snow differently. Whichever one you use, the following steps apply to quickly and cleanly clear your driveway.

Types of Snow Blowers


2. Center Yourself

How to Snowblow a Driveway

As you're rolling your snowblower out of your garage, you should immediately head for the middle of the driveway. By starting in the middle, you can work your way outward in a circular motion and blow the snow away from where you've already been.


3. Don't Blow Through the Turn

Turn the direction opposite of where your chute is pointing, always keeping the chute pointing outward. As you make your turn, disengage the augers to prevent spraying snow against your home or garage.


4. Work Your Way Out

As you continue, pick a side and work your way out until all of the snow has been pushed and blown outward away from the driveway. Overlap your passes between 3-6 inches, and you'll be done in no time at all.


Electric Corded Snowblowers

If you are using an electric snow blower with a cord attached, you can also try a few different clearing patterns to minimize the hassle of moving the cord. The helpful graphic below from Toro explains the most effective patterns to use.


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Toro Corded Snowblower Clearing Patterns

Toro Productivity Tip- Minimize Cord Hassle

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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