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Basement Flood Protection

Basement Flood Protection

How to Keep Your Basement From Flooding

By  | Sump Pump Product Expert

You’ve already spent thousands of dollars and countless hours converting your concrete dungeon into a comfortable living space.

The last thing you need is a tidal pool of sewage infiltrating your new home office or wet bar. A simple flash flood or a cresting creek can easily transform your new carpeting into a massive, moldy sponge.

Your finished basement isn’t finished without an emergency plan. You need layers of protection.



Layer One: Emergency Power

Forget the kegerator or LED television. Your sump pump is the most important appliance in your basement. Without it, your basement is as safe as the Titanic in an iceberg field.

A simple 30-minute thunderstorm can quickly destroy weekends worth of sweat equity – unless your sump pump has backup power.

Emergency power comes in three forms:

  1. Battery Backup Sump PumpBattery backup sump pumps automatically keep your sump pump running for a few hours during a power outage. Plus, they include a backup sump pump in case your original one malfunctions. 

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  2. Honda 7,000 Watt Portable Emergency GeneratorPortable generators can power your sump pump for days if necessary. In addition, a 5,000 to 7,000-watt generator can get your refrigerator, furnace fan and other mission-critical appliances running. 

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  3. Standby Generator and Automatic Transfer SwitchStandby generators give you the best of both worlds -- automatic AND long-term protection. Yes, they cost more. But, they also automatically energize the majority of your house, not just one appliance.

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Layer Two: Warning Systems

WiFi Sump Pump AlarmYou’re the captain of your own ship. You need good instruments to ensure that your vessel is staying afloat. Even with emergency power, it can’t hurt to be alerted if your ship is sinking.

Sump Pumps Direct carries a complete line of home monitoring devices, ranging from simple sump pump alarms to sophisticated systems that automatically call your cell phone if your basement is flooding.


Layer Three: Flood Insurance

Yes, we sell generators. So why are we promoting flood insurance? Simple. Many of our customers purchase backup power supplies AFTER their basements tank.

We’ve heard plenty of horror stories, including the insurance disasters following Hurricane Irene. Homeowner’s insurance will protect you from wind damage, but not flood damage.

You’ll need a separate flood insurance policy to protect your basement.