PTO Chipper Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect PTO Wood Chipper

By  | Chipper Product Expert

If you are a farmer, or live in a rural area, you know the benefits of power takeoff (PTO) equipment.

By attaching your power equipment to the drive shaft of you tractor, you can harness the tractor's sizable power and brute strength.

This is especially important when it comes to chipping big logs and branches.

PTO chipper shredders can handle branches up to 4 times the size as standard units.

PTO Wood Chipper FlywheelPTO chippers are built to handle the rugged demands of rural living. As a result, they're equipped with a heavy-duty, high-carbon steel flywheel to grind up wood.

The flywheel on a PTO chipper shredder can weigh as much as 185 pounds and is built with dependability in mind. These burly PTO chipper shredders can handle much larger logs than their consumer-grade counterparts. They can easily shred logs up to 8" in diameter.

Roller Feed
Chipper Roller FeedPTO chippers feature automatic roller feeds, which makes chipping easier, but also makes your experience much safer.

Instead of forcing branches and tree limbs into the chipper shredder, automatic rollers do the dirty work. A series of rollers help push material down the hopper, into the blades and flywheel. All you need to do is put material into the chipper shredder opening and the machine does the rest.

PTO TractorTo power these big units, you're going to need a capable tractor. In most cases, you will need a tractor with at least a 16-HP engine. Lawn tractors, although some have large, 16-HP+ engines, are not capable of powering a PTO chipper.

The other consideration is what type of hitch your tractor is equipped with. You will need either a Category 1 or a Category 2 hitch.

Chipper OnlyPTO Chippers (No Shredder)
Many PTO chippers feature shredder capabilities, but some don't. Before choosing a PTO chipper, be sure it's equipped to meet your specific needs. Consider what you'll be using it for, and decide from there.

A PTO chipper with no shredder contains a large flywheel with a blade or multiple blades. As the flywheel gains momentum, it decreases its demand of the PTO, placing less stress on your engine's components.

These are designed for hard wood, around 2 1/2" or more in diameter. PTO chippers without shredders are great for reducing large limbs, branches, and some small trees into uniformly-sized chips that can be used for garden beds and walkways.


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