Gas Chipper Shredder Buyer's Guide

Gas Chipper Shredder Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Chipper Shredder

Dale, the Chipper Expert
Chipper Expert

You turn tree trunks and large limbs into firewood. But why not turn the small branches and twigs into mulch?

If you own acres of land and frequently cut down and clear trees, you can make the most of your tree debris with the help of a gas chipper shredder.


Chipper shredders offer a two-in-one capacity that makes them an excellent choice for taking care of all sorts of yard work tasks.

Not only do they have a horizontal chute with a feed that draws in branches; they also have a gravity-fed vertical hopper where you can deposit leaves and twigs. A special set of shredding knives on the rotor inside, on the opposite side of the chipping blades, makes mulch out of those leaves.

You can find PTO chipper shredders available for industrial purposes. However, if you're not a logging professional with a forest full of enormous branches to clear, a gas-powered chipper shredder will provide all the power you need and then some.

Gas chipper shredders come in two styles:

  • Portable chipper shredders
  • Tow-behind chipper shredders

Whichever you choose, you'll save money in the long run by buying a chipper shredder instead of renting one every year.


Portable Gas Chipper Shredders

Portable Gas Chipper ShredderPortable chipper shredders are great for homeowners that take on yard cleanups annually. They have durable wheels attached to their frames, so they're made to be pushed or pulled manually across a yard.

They might not be as convenient if you need to bring your chipper across several acres of land. However, if you have a small or mid-sized property to clean, these are the most cost-effective and powerful solution (which is why they're so popular among residential customers!).

Portable chippers can reduce 20 bags of yard debris down to one bag of mulch. Additionally, these gas-powered models can handle branches and tree limbs up to three inches in diameter. 


Tow-Behind Gas Chipper Shredders

Tow-Behind Gas Chipper ShredderTow-behind chipper shredders are available for landowners and professionals alike. Smaller units can handle branches two to three inches in diameter, while professional models can demolish branches up to seven inches in diameter.

Attach one of these to your ATV, tractor, or other vehicle, even to your truck, and you'll be ready to chip for acres. (NOTE: always check in your vehicle's product manual for its towing weight capacity and recommended style of hitch before attaching a pull-behind chipper!)

Look for models with hydraulic or automatic feed, which will the debris into the chipper for you. Coupled with the power of the gas engine turning the chipper shredder's rotor, this feature will make chipping and shredding faster than ever.


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Dale, the Chipper Expert
Chipper Expert
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