4 Season Leaf Blowers

How to Use a Leaf Blower All Year Long

By  | Leaf Blower Product Expert

Because of the name, you might think leaf blowers are only good for a fall cleanup.

Not so fast, my friend! Actually, leaf blowers can be used year round to keep your property free of debris, clutter, leaves and even snow.

Don't sell yourself short; make the most of your purchase and use your gas-powered leaf blower all year 'round.

Winter Leaf Blowing in the Winter

Unlike your lawn mower and string trimmer, which you retire each winter, you can still use your leaf blower during the coldest part of the year. Gas-powered leaf blowers have enough power to move snow. In addition, they create a "warm" air flow, which will actually help melt the snow. Generally, electric and cordless leaf blowers only have enough power to move flurries and light dustings.


Spring Yard in Spring

After several months of foul weather, you may find your yard littered with dead leaves, branches, and other debris. Instead of relying on a rake, use a leaf blower to assist with your outdoor spring cleanup. It makes clearing dead leaves and debris from flower beds and gardens much easier.

Summer Mowing The Lawn

Heavy, wet grass clippings can be the bane of existence for any lawn. They can turn a beautiful expanse of turf into a brown and green, zebra-striped mess. So blow away these pesky clippings with a leaf blower. This will ensure the clippings don't smother the lush grass beneath them.

Fall Home in the Fall

Fall may be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, but it always brings the inevitable falling of deciduous leaves. Leaf blowers were designed to eliminate the need to rake up all the fallen leaves. Instead, you can just blow them into piles and save hours of time tidying up your property before winter sets in.


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