Consumer Large Electric Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

Consumer Large Electric Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Large Electric Power Washer

As a homeowner, there are so many parts of a property to clean.

Sidewalks, patios, decks, and fences all take year-long abuse from the elements - and then there's your home and cars.

You'll be amazed at how new these things can look once you blast away a year's worth of grime.

With a consumer large electric power washer, you can easily have your property looking like new again.

Washing Vehicles Brightening Wood Cleaning Siding Removing Stains Stripping Paint

Electric Power Washer with Induction Motor


Universal (or brush) motors are typically found in small, hand-carry pressure washers and perform the job at a very inexpensive price. If you rarely use your pressure washer, you can save some money by purchasing an electric power washer with a universal motor. It just won't last as long.

Induction (or brushless) motors, however, are typically used in larger, more powerful electric power washers. They typically last longer than universal motors. They also cost more. If you want an electric pressure washer that lasts, spend the extra few dollars and buy one with an induction motor.

Power Washer Detergent

Detergent Tanks

Most large electric pressure washers contain onboard detergent tanks. When you're cleaning really tough stains, the power of water alone is sometimes not enough. But with the addition of concentrated detergents, cleaning mildew and mold from patios and brick is much easier.

Some of these power washers even have dual tanks to save you time. You simply turn a knob to switch from car wash to concrete cleaner. If you use lots of detergents, you'll definitely love this feature.

Axial Cam Pump

Wobble/Axial Vs Triplex Pumps

Wobble and axial cam pumps are found on cheaper pressure washers. They are generally rated for between 60-100 hours of use.

If you'll be using your washer occasionally this is fine. In fact, with these pumps, it's usually cheaper to buy a new pressure washer than it would be to replace the pump.

Triplex pumps are a higher quality pressure washer pump, offering longer life and better performance.

Triplex Power Washer PumpThey also include a larger price tag, but if you intend to use your power washer frequently, it's well worth the expense.

If the pump breaks down, you can get it rebuilt instead of getting a new washer.

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