Electric Cultivator Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Cultivator

By  | Tiller Product Expert

The easiest way to enhance your gardening capabilities is to get an electric cultivator.

For jobs such as aerating, weeding and cultivating between rows, nothing will help you get the job done faster than an electric cultivator.

What once took hours with a shovel, can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The only question to ask is: Corded or Cordless?

Corded Cultivators
Corded CultivatorAll you'll need to get a corded electric cultivator going is a household power outlet and an extension cord. You just plug it and go. You won't be able to break ground for planting a new garden, but these are perfect for aeration and weeding.

A great feature of corded cultivators is the adjustable tilling width. With several inches of variation, you can quickly and easily take on different-sized jobs with the same tool.

If you'll need to operate the cultivator more than 100 feet from an electrical source, go with a cordless, battery-powered model instead.

Cultivator W/ Edger AttachmentAttachments

Some cultivators are capable of utilizing many attachments to turn them into more multi-purpose tools.

You're already going to be aerating and weeding your garden, but if you want to edge too, then get an attachment-adaptable cultivator.

Cordless Cultivators
Cordless CultivatorCordless cultivators are still rather new. All you need to do is charge a battery, throw it into the cultivator and you can take on gardening tasks for about 45 minutes.

These cordless units are very quiet, and exceptionally easy to maintain. Look for a model with a Lithium-Ion battery. These maintain consistent power throughout the entire charge.

If your gardening tasks will take longer than 45 minutes, consider a corded model. Or if you want to break ground and work in hard soils, move up to a gas-powered cultivator or tiller.


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