Garden Tiller Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Garden Tiller

By  | Tiller Product Expert

If you're looking to till a new garden, cultivators are no match for the raw power and size of a garden tiller.

Garden tillers are gas-powered dirt crushers with larger tines and the strength to break through the hard ground.

Even if you've already got a large garden that needs tilling and cultivating year-after-year, a garden tiller will help you get your garden ready in less time, covering more area more easily.

Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to ready your soil by hand, let powerful garden tillers do the work for you.

Garden Tillers come in three types:

Front-Tine Tillers
Front Tine TillerFront-tine tillers work more like their smaller counterparts, cultivators. They're great for tilling established beds and stirring up slightly loose soil.

Front-tine tillers are like cultivators on steroids. They essentially do the same thing and operate in the same way, although they are bigger and more powerful, allowing you to tackle larger jobs more quickly. One nice feature to look for is a tiller with adjustable tine width, which can optimize the machine's performance in any situation.

Rear-Tine Tillers
Rear Tine TillerFor breaking up the hardest, most compact soils, get a rear-tine tiller. These are equipped with large, rugged tires for stability to work through soils of all conditions.

What separates rear tine tillers from the rest of the pack is the different tine rotation directions you can use. Unlike cultivators and front-tine tillers, rear-tine tillers are either forward (standard) rotating, counter-rotating, or dual (both) rotating. This is allows them to break through hard, clay soils.

vertical tine tiller in actionVertical Tine Tillers
An innovation by Cub Cadet brought this brilliant new style of garden tiller to the market. Vertical tine tillers work unlike any other style of tiller on the market today.

Unlike the downward chopping motion of standard front- and rear-tine tillers, vertical tine tillers' tines spin like an egg beater.

They are turned vertically so the tines cut through the soil in a forward motion instead of chopping downward, which means smoother operation and better blending of soil as you till.vertical tine tillers

They're great for establishing new gardens and reviving already established gardens alike.

And because of their churning motion, they can break new soil and mix it in one single pass, rather than having to go over your garden twice.


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