Contractor-Grade Twin Stack Air Compressor Buyer's Guide

Contractor-Grade Twin Stack Air Compressor Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Contractor Twin Stack Compressor

There is your typical consumer-grade twin stack air compressor.

And then, there's your contractor-grade twin stack air compressor.

While they may appear to be similar, they are hardly the same.

If you're building real houses, not birdhouses, then a contractor-grade twin stack compressor is for you.

This kind of powerful, portable air compressor is the perfect air compressor for job-sites.

Gas-Powered vs Electric

Twin-Stack Compressor Engine

Twin stack compressors come in either gas-powered or electric.

While electric twin stacks are lighter weight, can be plugged into a normal 120-volt household outlet, and can be used inside, gas-powered twin stack compressors will provide you with more power than an electric model. However, the engine and gas tank make these as heavy as 80 lbs.

Oiled vs Oil-Free Pumps

Twin Stack Compressor Pump

Some twin stack compressors come with oil-less pumps, which are louder and less durable than oiled pumps. Accordingly, you should look for a model with an oiled pump.

Some manufacturers state that oiled pumps will last twice as long as their oil-less counterparts. Because the pistons and the pump are lubricated with oil, it allows them to run more effortlessly, prolonging the life of the equipment.

Comparison: Oil vs Oil-Free Air Compressors

Benefits of a Roll Cage

Compressor Roll Cage

For the most heavy-duty twin stack compressor, get one with a roll cage. Just like an off-road vehicle, this protective steel cage protects the compressor from sharp turns in the bed of a pickup truck.

Also, if the compressor falls or something is dropped on it, it will be protected.

Benefits of Having Dual-Air Outlets

Nail Gun Kit

Several twin stack compressors are equipped with dual air outlets, allowing you to run two air tools at the same time.

This way, you can have two carpenters framing at the same time, with the same compressor, cutting your equipment expenses in half.

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