Gas Chainsaw Buyer's Guide

Gas Chainsaw Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Gas-Powered Chainsaw

You'll find a lot of variety available when you're shopping for a gas chainsaw. Gas-powered saws are made for every kind of user, from the first-time homeowner to the seasoned logging pro.

What all the gas saws you see have in common are power and durability.

Gas chain saws come in three different types:

  • Homeowner chainsaws
  • Farm and ranch chainsaws
  • Professional chainsaws

Which type is right for you? Take a look at the chart below, and read on to learn more about each style!

Homeowner Farm & Ranch Professional
Blue Max Homeowner Chain Saw Makita Farm and Ranch Chainsaw Husqvarna Professional Saw
Frequency of Use: Occasionally  Weekly/Monthly Daily
Number of Trees: Few Per Year Several Per Year Several Per Day
Bar Length:
18" 24" 48"

Homeowner Gas Chainsaws

Homeowner Gas Chainsaw from Blue MaxLighter and more affordable than any other kind of gas chainsaw, homeowner chainsaws are designed for people who use their saws intermittently to clean up after storms or remove lone trees. 

You'll generally be able to tell if a saw is designed for homeowners from a few key measurements and features:

  • Slim body design
  • Lower fuel capacity
  • Lower horsepower engine

Because they're so lightweight, homeowner or consumer-grade chainsaws are designed to be used with bars no longer than 18".

However, don't think that homeowner saws are lacking in benefits. In addition to being more affordable than other types of gas saws, homeowner saws have features like automatic bar and chain oilers, which keep the bar and chain continuously lubricated so that the chain can turn smoothly while you work.


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Farm and Ranch Gas Chainsaws

Makita Farm and Ranch Gas SawFarm and ranch chainsaws are also known as prosumer saws. More powerful than homeowner saws but less expensive than professional saws, farm and ranch saws offer a sturdy compromise for people who use saws around the property regularly but don't have to worry about daily wear and tear.

What can you expect from a chainsaw made for farm and ranch use?

  • Engines with higher RPMs
  • Comfort features like vibration dampening systems
  • Spring-assisted starters and fas acceleration mechanisms to get the saw running quickly

Farm and ranch chainsaws can use slightly larger bars than homeowner saws can, so you can expect to cut larger trees and branches. If a saw that can use up to a 24" bar interests you, then you might find a prosumer chainsaw interesting as well.


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Professional Gas Chainsaws

Professional Gas Saw from HusqvarnaDespite what you might think, professional chainsaws are lightweight, making them more comfortable to use all day, every day. Balanced, ergonomic designs, vibration dampening systems, and top handles allow them to be handled with ease even after hours on the job.

But it's not just about comfort. Professional gas chainsaws boast other features that allow them to take on heavy-duty work such as felling trees:

  • Larger fuel tanks
  • Higher RPM engines that provide more cutting power
  • The ability to use bars as long as 48" on certain saws

Depending on the saw, you might also find features like tool-less filter change systems or inertia-triggered chain brakes for safety. These features will come with a higher price tag, but for the arborist or groundskeeper who uses a chainsaw daily, the convenience these features provide might be worth it.


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