Tow-Behind Finish Cut Mower Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Tow-Behind Finish Cut Mower

By  | Lawn Mower Product Expert

If you run two lawn tractors side-by-side, you'll cut your mowing time in half.

But, who really wants to buy a fleet of lawn tractors?

Instead, simply attach a tow-behind finish cut mower onto your existing tractor.

Finish cut mowers will double your cut without doubling your budget.

There are three things to take into consideration when choosing a tow-behind finish cut mower:

Compare Finish Cut Mowers

Finish Cut Mower Offset TowingTow-behind finish cut mowers have three different cutting widths: 44", 60" or 66". The articulating hitch on a finish cut mower allows you to offset it from the center of the vehicle you're towing it behind. Models that have this articulating hitch can also be used for mowing ditches or reaching areas under low hanging trees.

When operating on sloped surfaces, be sure to mow up and down the slope. Mowing horizontally across the face of a slope poses a risk of overturning your tractor and tow-behind mower. For slopes of 15-degrees or more, these tow-behind mowers are not recommended.

If you're towing with a garden tractor, you can increase the cutting width by as much as 66". Essentially you double-down on your time-saving. With a 42" deck and a 60" finish cut mower offset behind it, all of a sudden you're mowing 8.5 feet in a single pass.

Finish Cut Mower EngineEngine
The bigger the finish cut mower, the bigger the engine. These powerful engines easily rip through thick grass and small twigs to give you a finished cut.

To save your shoulder from fatigue, look for a model with an electric starter. Just turn a key to fire up the beast.

Anti-Scalping WheelsThe 44" finish cut tow-behind mowers have two cutting blades while the 60" and 66" models are equipped with three blades. The more these blades overlap, the better quality of cut you'll receive.

Look for decks with anti-scalping wheels, which prevent the mower from taking gouges out of your lawn as it passes over uneven terrain. You can tow these mowers up to 5 miles per hour, but any faster and you will compromise the quality of cut.


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