Farm & Ranch Chain Saw Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Farm and Ranch Gas Chain Saw

By  | Chain Saw Product Expert

Powerful, reliable and durable.

These are the words frequently used to describe farm chainsaws.

With big engines and bars up to 24", these saws are brawny enough to take on large jobs.

If you cut lots of trees, a farm and ranch chainsaw will be a welcome addition to your power equipment collection.

When shopping for a farm and ranch chainsaw, look for these features:

CARB Compliant ChainsawChainsaws are notorious for loud, inefficient engines that produce tons of emissions. This is not the case with farm and ranch chainsaws, as they are deemed CARB-compliant by the California Air Resource Board.

CARB-compliant products have engines that meet more stringent air quality standards. They are more efficient and run cleaner than
non-compliant models, but still emit some pollutants.

Air Injection
Air Injection EngineNew small engine technology allows superior performance from your chainsaw. Look for a model featuring an air injected engine.

A centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.

Vibration Dampening
Vibration DampeningAcross grades, chainsaws have pretty consistent weights. The constant vibration of the saw is what really wears you out.

Look for a model that features vibration dampening to lessen fatigue. Many farm and ranch grade models have this feature, making it much easier to use the saw for an extended period of time.

Chain Break
Inertia Activated Chain BreakOne of the best safety features available on chainsaws is inertia activated chain break. Look for a saw with this feature. This helps to reduce the risk of injuries to the user caused by blade kick back.

When the nose of the bar comes in contact with an impediment such as a knot, it can kick back, usually down towards the operators legs. Inertia activated chain break senses the kick back and stops the chain.

Top Handle
Top Handle ChainsawFarm and ranch chainsaws introduce a new style to the mix - top handle models. These chainsaws are usually smaller than rear handle models and are easier to operate.

Due to the handle position and light-weight, top handle chainsaws are used to cut branches and tree limbs. These are popular with folks cutting on ladders and in trees, or other situations where you need to cut on a downward angle.


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