Practice Safe Sawing

Practice Safe Sawing

Chainsaw Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 36,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for chainsaw-related injuries.

Here's the scary part: those stats include only the people who visit emergency rooms. Who knows how many stubbed toes or cases of hearing damage go unreported?

One simple way to avoid becoming a statistic is to use the proper chainsaw safety gear

Suiting up before using your chainsaw may take some time, but we promise you, these essential pieces of safety gear will be well worth the time and money you spend on them: 

  • Chainsaw safe footwear
  • Chainsaw chaps
  • Chainsaw safe hearing protection
  • Chainsaw safe eye protection
  • Chainsaw helmet 
  • Chainsaw gloves

Chainsaw Safe Footwear

Work BootsSneakers will not cut it when using a chain saw. Heavy-soled boots will protect the underside of your feet from logs and brush.

For added protection, get steel-toed boots. These will provide enhanced protection for the top side of your feet and toes. We don't sell any boots, but please get a pair before you start cutting.


Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw Safety ChapsChainsaw chaps have layers of protective material that will shield your legs from scuffs and branches while you cut. These are especially important considering about 35% of chainsaw injuries happen to the lower leg and knee area.

In case of contact with the saw chain, layers of ballistic fibers expand rapidly to jam the chain and stop the saw before an injury occurs.


Chainsaw Safe Hearing Protection

Chainsaw Hearing ProtectorsEven the best chain saws can reach noise levels up to 120 decibels - louder than the sound at some concerts! Be sure to wear chainsaw hearing protection to prevent hearing damage.

At the bare minimum, wear earplugs. However, a pair of ear-muff style hearing protectors will provide you with the best protection against excessive noise.


Chainsaw Safe Eye Protection

Chainsaw Safety Glasses

While chainsawing, your eyes are particularly vulnerable to injury from all the flying chips of wood. And if you have any experience using a chainsaw, you know how vital it is to have unencumbered vision.

So if you opt against wearing a full helmet, make sure you at least wear a pair of protective eyeglasses. Some people even recommending wearing safety glasses underneath a helmet with a face mask to provide the most chainsaw eye protection.


Chainsaw Helmets

Chainsaw Safety HelmetThe best way to protect your head, ears, and eyes from injury is a protective helmet.

You could buy all these separate pieces individually, or you could go with an all-in-one option. These convenient combinations of visor and ear protectors, or helmet/visor/ear protectors, are easy to grab as you head out the door.


Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw Safety GlovesLast, but certainly not least, make sure to wear a pair of heavy-duty protective gloves.  The ones we carry are made of heavy-duty leather for added protection.

Look for a pair that's breathable as your hands will probably get pretty sweaty while working.


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