Measure & Cut Once

Measure & Cut Once

How To Quickly & Easily Measure Firewood

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

Ever have a log that wouldn't fit in the fireplace? If so, you know that cutting logs the right length is important.

Cutting your firewood evenly and consistently with a well-maintained chainsaw can help you stack wood more neatly and ensure your wood always fits. However, tape measures and marking sticks leave room for error and require a fair amount of time and effort to use.

A firewood marker makes measuring quick, easy, and accurate.

A can of upside-down (inverted) surveyor's paint (not included) fits into the chamber, and then you just wheel the log marker down the log.

Mingo Log Marker

The marker will measure as it goes, spraying a dot of paint at each marking. The standard wheel measures 16" increments and will yield you an estimated 75 cords of wood.

Good-fitting wood burns longer and cleaner, so wheels are available in other sizes, too. To fit different stove and fireplace sizes, 6", 12", 14", 18" or 24" wheels are options.


Why Use a Log Marker?

Mingo MarkerFirewood markers provide several benefits:

  • Precise measurement
  • Efficient & long-lasting
  • Accurate measurement prevents excessive cutting
  • Makes for safer, more balanced stacks
  • Fits firebox better for longer, cleaner burning
  • Works on snowy logs
  • Saves time for other activities


Recommended Paint for Log Markers

Surveyors PaintIt's important to use inverted surveyor's paint that operates with a sideways nozzle motion. Cans that require depressing the nozzle (in a downward fashion) will not work with most log markers such as the Mingo Firewood Marker.

The paint can be purchased at most hardware stores. Upon testing, it was found that florescent-colored paints tend to plug more prematurely. Red, white, and blue paints are recommended as the best performers.


Log Marker Use and Care

Prior to use, be sure to follow any instructions on the paint can. Shake it up for one minute after the ball rattles, and then remove the plastic cap from the can using an appropriate tool.

Mingo Marker Maintenance

To install the paint can, you should turn your log marker upside down so you can see that the nozzle of the can gets inserted through the hole in the trigger. Not inserting the nozzle fully through the hole in the trigger will prevent it from working.

Once the paint can is inserted correctly, you can turn the firewood marker right-side-up and begin. Be sure that, once you're finished, you clear the nozzle of the paint can prior to storage. 

When operating, loosen the wing nut until the wheel rotates easily, but not to the point where the wheel is wobbly. When you're finished, be sure to reverse-rotate the wheel by hand until the cam hits the trigger, then tighten the wing nut to prevent accidental spraying.


Changing Wheel Sizes

Mingo Replacement WheelTo replace the standard 16" wheel with another size, you'll have to first loosen the wing nut, remove the bolt, and then remove the 16" wheel.

Choose another wheel size (sold separately), such as the 14" wheel, and install it using the proper holes. If installing a 14" wheel, you'll use the holes marked "14 inches" so that the distance from the nozzle to the log remains the same. This also helps keep the proper cam to trigger position. No tools are necessary for changing wheel sizes.


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Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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