Corded Electric Leaf Blower Buyer's Guide

Corded Electric Leaf Blower Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Corded Leaf Blower

Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert

Corded electric leaf blowers provide many of the same benefits that battery-operated blowers do:

  • Low cost 
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and quiet operation
  • No fuel emissions

So why would people choose a leaf blower that they have to plug in?

It turns out that not only are corded leaf blowers the most affordable option in handheld leaf blowers; they also provide benefits that are hard to ignore even if you do have to stay close to a power outlet to use one.


Leaf Blower with Vacuum Capability

Toro Leaf Blower VacuumOne drawback of battery-powered leaf blowers is that their batteries don't provide them with enough power to also vacuum leaves and debris. This is fine if you prefer to blow leaves into a pile for cleanup, but it limits the blower's versatility.

In contrast, many corded electric leaf blowers have a two-in-one design that allows them to function either as leaf blowers or as leaf vacuums. With a vacuum bag attached, one of these blowers will spare you several trips to your compost bin or green waste pile, making cleanup up more convenient than ever.

When shopping for an electric blower/vacuum, note that some models might come with multiple tube attachments to better facilitate the blowing and vacuuming functions. These models will provide even more value.


Leaf Shredding Capability

metal impellerCombination leaf blower/vacuum models have another feature that works with the vacuuming function: the ability to shred. By shredding the leaves that it picks up, the blower reduces the space that the waste takes up in the collection bag.

To shred leaves, corded leaf blowers depend on a component called an impeller. Impellers usually help circulate air throughout the body of a power tool, but in the case of a handheld leaf vacuum, it also mulches leaves to fine bits.

Impellers can be made from one of two types of material:

  • Plastic 
  • Metal

If you plan to use your corded blower frequently, look for a model with a metal impeller that will prove durable for regular use and will better resist damage from debris.


Steady Corded Electric Power

Leaf Blower Extension CordThe need to have a power cord might make some corded leaf blower users feel tethered and restrained. To be sure, corded models aren't recommended for people with large properties.

However, if you have access to a power outlet throughout your property, you might find corded electric leaf blowers useful for two reasons:

  • Without a battery or a gas engine in place, corded blowers weigh less than other handheld blowers. This often makes them more comfortable to carry over time.

  • As long as the blower is plugged in, it won't run out of power. You can continue to work without having to stop to change out or charge a battery.

Most models work with 14- or 12-gauge power cords. For safety and efficiency reasons, it's advisable to use one long power cord (never longer than 100 feet) instead of two shorter cords connected. 

For even greater convenience, look for a corded blower with a cord lock system. This feature will help keep the cord out of your way while you work, thereby keeping you safe.


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Dale, the Power Equipment Expert
Power Equipment Expert
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