Mid-Grade Two-Stage Buying Guide

Mid-Grade Two-Stage Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Mid-Grade 2-Stage Snow Blower

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

A mid-grade two-stage snow blower gives you obvious advantages: a larger engine, a larger auger and impeller, and greater snow throwing distances when compared to an entry-level grade snow blower.

Mid-grade two-stage snow blowers also come standard with features like interlocking controls, headlights, and upgraded aluminum gear cases. These features are considered "optional" on an entry-level snow blower.



Even with the standard features, there are still upgrades you will want to consider when selecting your perfect mid-grade two-stage snow blower. Below are a few popular features you should know about:


Remote Deflector Control

Chute DeflectorMost, but not all, mid-grade models will include this feature. The Remote Deflector Control allows the operator to move the angle of the deflector on the discharge chute up and down from behind the operator controls. This feature eliminates the need to walk around the snow blower to make this adjustment. 

You can direct snow more accurately and reduce blowing flakes by adjusting the deflector up and down.


Chute Style

Chute Style

Mid-grade two-stage snow blowers offer the same two methods of adjusting (aiming) the discharge chute as the entry-level models – a basic crank or a lever action control. Both types can be managed from behind the operator controls. 

A crank style control will turn a handle on a control arm to rotate the discharge chute from left to right and back again. The lever-type control gives you precise control over the direction you discharge snow and requires less effort to maneuver the snow chute.


Heated Grips


About half of the mid-grade snow blowers include this feature. The hand grips on the snow blower will actually heat up (just like the seats in a car) to keep your fingers and hands toasty while you work outside in frigid temperatures. 


Power Steering

Power Steering

It’s called “auto traction control” or “freewheel steering” or something else, but it all refers to the same thing – power steering. A power steering system allows the operator to turn and maneuver the snow blower more easily.

All systems work the same way. One tire or the other slows down or stops, to help the snow blower turn more easily. Mid-grade snow blowers weigh 220 to 250 pounds, so power steering means no wrestling your snow blower when turning.


Track Snow Blower


This feature is available on a handful of mid-grade snow throwers. Track-drive snow blowers give you superior traction in any snow condition. That means no slipping, no sliding, just great control.

Track-drive models are ideal for hilly surfaces and inclines, rough ground and gravel-driveways, as well as clearing packed snow, like a snowbank or driven-over snow. And of course, with a track-drive snow blower, you never have to worry about flat tires or wrangling frozen or icy tire chains.


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