Single-Stage Buying Guide

Single-Stage Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Single-Stage Snow Blower

Single-stage snow blowers are the perfect size for homeowners that want to move moderate amounts of snow quickly and easily. They allow you to clear a typical sidewalk in two quick passes and easily throw snow from your driveway without feeling like you're pushing a tank.

These gas-powered snow blowers are built for suburban-style properties that get frequent snowfalls less than 8-10 inches. There are three grades to choose from:


Corded and Cordless Electric Snowblower Comparison Chart


 A single-stage snow blower gets its name because it essentially throws the snow once using a plastic or hard rubber auger that makes direct contact with the surface, so it should never be used on gravel. Unlike their two-stage cousins, single-stage snow throwers clear the entire surface area.

As a result, drifting snow, especially on a blacktop surface, quickly melts away in the sun.


Corded or Cordless Single-Stage Blowers?

There are reasons to choose either, depending on your preferences and where you live. However, it's important to note that an important factor is the amount of maintenance required, access to electricity, and portability desired.

If you have a long driveway, getting the proper extension cord is expensive and also a hassle to use. Opting for a battery-powered cordless snowblower or a gas blower may be preferable in those cases. If you prefer battery-power, some brands offer interchangeable batteries that can also be used with other power equipment you have in the garage.

In any case, to maximize portability, power, and capability, going with a gasoline-powered single-stage snowblower is a safe bet, so long as you don't mind a little maintenance and mixing/storing gasoline.


Entry-Level Single-Stage

Entry-Level Single-Stage Snow Blower

Entry-level snow blowers are great for people who have smaller driveways or find themselves needing a snow blower on occasion. 

These units are less expensive, have lighter engines, and generally include just the basic features. If you only get light snow a few times per year, this is the best choice for you.


How to Pick the Perfect Entry-Level Single-Stage Snowblower


Mid-Grade Single-Stage

Mid-Grade Single-Stage Snowblower

If you don't mind manually cranking the chute and struggling against the frozen mountains at the end of your driveway, then entry-level single stages will suit you. However, a mid-grade snow blower will make your snow removal job a little easier.

They feature more powerful engines at higher prices, but you'll get quick-chute levers and other features that make up for it. You'll plow through snowy driveways and sidewalks much faster.


How to Pick the Perfect Mid-Grade Single-Stage Snowblower


Professional-Grade Single-Stage

Professional Single-Stage Snowblower

Professional single-stage blowers feature rugged, yet lightweight frames that are designed to be roughly handled. You'll see landscaping crews throwing them into the back of their pickup trucks after they clear sidewalks in record time.

Commercial-grade components aren't an accessory on these machines—they are a necessity. These durable throwers feature extended-life paddles that are reinforced and thicker to stand up against tough jobs. Their heavy-duty drive belts are designed to clear dozens of properties in a single day without slowing down.


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